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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Art History

University & College Info May 15, 2013

Art is as old as human civilization. As long as men and women have been populating the earth, learning lessons, living life, and developing pathos worth sharing, so too we have shared art. The ability to comprehend a history of art is not only a good habit and a gift, but could be developed into a career skill. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor’s degree program in Art History as well as archeology, which goes hand in hand with art history, given that many ancient civilizations created their own primitive and thankfully preserved artworks.

What UMCP’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in Art History Teaches

In this study course, the Department of Art History presents a program rich in exploration, not of well-known art works of contemporary times, but of ancient art and artifacts from every continent, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. It not only teaches a student what artworks were discovered; the course also delves into critical understanding of said art works and how they actually influenced visual culture. Students will learn about the African diaspora, Latin America achievements, Asian art and other cultures.

Students are not limited to the school, but able to work in cooperation with other universities. You will also have a chance to develop written skills, research skills, and cultural understanding. With culture, there are a host of political and historical implications, which is what the UMD course is all about.

What Students Must Prove in Training

Students who graduate from the bachelor’s degree program at UMD will show themselves knowledgeable in multiple facets of art, including famous monuments and objects, as well as the social context in which it was presented. Communication is another quality that is vital considering that we as art lovers converse about art, and must clearly demonstrate main points. Analysis as well as writing and speaking are taught. New technologies must also be discussed as they are important for further archiving, restoring and retrieving research.

The Department offers internships as well as the opportunity to see the greatest archives of artwork in the world, as students will be allowed access to museums, galleries and other facilities with grand exhibitions. There is a facility called the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture, which is found in the Art building part of the school. This is where students can meet, discuss art history and get involved with challenging research projects.

Requirements include studying art fundamentals, the elements of drawing objects, people and places. In addition, four courses in related work are required, along with a C- minimum grade and 2.0 GPA for graduation. The internships at UMD and Honors Programs are also open to students who prove themselves worthy and have a high grade point average. Scholarships are available through the Office of Student Financial Aid, including the Judith K. Reed Scholarship, as well as book awards to promising seniors.

Now is the time to make this habit into something more rewarding, lucrative and meaningful with a University of Maryland College Park bachelor’s degree!

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