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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Arabic Studies

University & College Info May 12, 2013

The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in Arabic studies and no doubt this is of great interest to academic students who are interested in culture, history and language. The coursework will help students learn the amazing language, as well as acquire a better understanding of Arabic culture, literature and many nuances of this wonderful language. The bachelor’s degree program from UMD allows students to pursue a minor in Arabic or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

What Does the UMCP Arabic Studies B.A. Program Teach?

Many students who are educated from this program go onto rewarding employment either within the United States or even abroad. This undergraduate program can be taken along with the Arabic Flagship program, which is one of only a few U.S. Programs that help students learn Arabic language. Students can also look forward to overseas trips, as well as a positive group environment with the Language House, which immerses students in a group where everyone practices the language.

The B.A. in Arabic studies degree is worth 42 credits and will go remarkably well on a resume, preparing a student for government jobs, high ranking education positions, or even international business. The course does not merely discuss Arabic language, but also covers many aspects of the culture, as well as issues pertaining to the Middle Eastern way of life. The course deals with not only Middle Eastern life, but with all Arabic life, which spreads into North Africa, Egypt, some parts of Asia, and other countries. Elective subjects can be anything from arts and humanities to business or computer science.

In order to qualify for this degree, students must complete prerequisite courses, up to 18 credits, involving elementary Arabic language studies. From there, students can take 24 core language classes and 18 electives, involving some aspect of Arabic language or culture. Students can learn a variety of subjects of interest in modern Arabic business and culture, from Islam to commerce to literature and international relationships of Arabic nations with other countries. There are even electives you can take for Arabic movies!

Scholarship Options

There are always scholarship options to look into, within the UMD Financial Aid Office for Arabic studies, to be specific. Flagship scholarships have need-based funding available, for qualifying students involved in the Flagship program. This financial assistance can help tremendously towards tuition costs and overseas immersion projects. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form is the one that begins the process and helps determine if you are eligible for this financial aid. There is also an option for David L. Boren scholarship programs, as well as CLS, Academic Competitive Grants, and other opportunities for assistance.

Speaking of overseas immersion, this is one of the best reasons to take a UMD Arabic Studies bachelor’s degree program, as it offers studying abroad in exotic locations like Egypt, Alexandria, Morocco and Meknes. The ability to travel is based on students’ language proficiency and academic results.

This is the first step you take to change your life and start living an exciting life studying and working in a field you love!

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