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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Community Health

University & College Info May 24, 2013

The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor’s degree program that will help you find a career in a number of promising fields. One field of study that can truly make a difference for mankind is community health. This is a field that is in need of talented, bright people wanting to make an impact on the world through promoting healthy living or preventing disease.

What Does the UMD Degree Program in Community Health Involve?

The basics for community health involve learning about the health of a community, about common and uncommon illnesses. You will learn how to not only plan for, but also put in an action plan for the health of the community. This may be at a local community level or even a state wide level or as high up as the federal level.

Of course, you must also have credits for the fundamental things such as math, English, and life sciences to begin. On the scientific aspect of things, you will need to learn about human anatomy, medical terminology, and physiology. Human behaviors and biology will also be taught, so you have a wide spectrum of understanding that will be required in this career path. There will be many parts to your course work that you need to learn such as human sexuality, massage therapy, workplace health, and drug abuse. You will even learn about consumer behavior, as many health issues can start right at the register. The bachelor degree program in community health is a rigorous, but a rewarding one.

Careers to Pursue With a Community Health Degree

Those individuals pursing these degrees will find many options available to them in a wide range of profession. One of the first things people think of when choosing this degree is that of government community health programs. Careers in areas such as cancer research, heart health, and even prestigious careers such as working in the office of the Surgeon General may be possible.

Others choose to work at a more local level, often with hospitals to help educate the community. This may take the form of new parent education, diabetes or cancer education, or even the basics such as physical fitness, which is an area that should be emphasized in this sedentary age. Many agencies hire specialists to help with community outreach programs designed to teach the management of stress or safety on the job site. These are a few examples of possible career choices for those that get a degree in community health from UMD.

The Perks of Attending the University of Maryland College Park

This is a college that prides itself on giving students personal attention so that they get the most out of every opportunity. Your growth in this career path is the goal, and the education you receive here will help you develop the skills and hands on experience you need to thrive.

The 120 credit hours you spend earning this degree will prepare you for a career that is not only fulfilling and meaningful, but one that will lead to a future filled with rewarding opportunities.

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