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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Fire Protection Engineering

University & College Info May 31, 2013

Fire protection is crucial to life and part of any civilized society. However, there is much involved in this life saving work. Understanding fire, fire prevention and fire extinguishing require a thorough knowledge of scientific and technical principles. The University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in fire protection engineering that details the most important aspects of fire mitigation and suppression. The program covers general subjects such as how fire can injure or kill a person, type of damages it does to buildings, and how it can compromise all nearby and related operations.

What Students Can Learn at UMCP

Furthermore, students are taught how to identify fire hazards and how to keep costs efficient. As you can see, it’s an involved course and one that takes into account many aspects of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. The UMCP course covers advanced technology and theory in firefighting like smoke movement, sprinklers, suppression, combustion and ignition. Not only is textbook knowledge reviewed, but students can also work in the lab and experience interactive projects that teach fire detection and fire prevention.

Along the way to this advanced Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, the background of firefighting and more importantly, engineering is taught to students. Codes, standards, systems of fire safety and design are all highlighted in an effort to teach students technical skills and knowledge to be able to use his or her mind scientifically. In addition to logistics and science, the business side of the field is also taught, which involves social, environmental and economic concerns of fire safety engineering. Students are taught how to seek and acquire certification and licensing, as well as how to do business ethically and with the utmost concern for safety.

Other Programs of Interest

Students who attend the University of Maryland at College Park and pursue the bachelor’s degree program can expect a lot from special facilities. The labs are high-tech and are capable of running large scale burn tests. Computer software allows students to model fires, predict human behavior, and learn about the complexities of the profession.

Research experience is provided within the semester and involves undergraduates working under the direction of a faculty educator. These studies allow students to work as a volunteer or for pay, or for college credits. There are also opportunities for fieldwork, internships, Honors Programs (with the related A. James Clark School of Engineering department) and student societies. The most noteworthy is the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Student Chapter, which is open to all undergraduates. The Honor Society within the institution is known as Salamander. You can also join the National Fire Protection Association as a student. Lastly, scholarships and grants are available to students and will typically go to junior and senior students.

If you long for a career in firefighting, not doing volunteer work, but advancing higher into a position of authority, then this is a great first step. The educational foundation will be taught to you and you will be able to apply mathematics and engineering skills to modern fire protection. You will also be able to use your flair for design to innovate safety products for the future. Become involved in this personally and professionally rewarding profession.

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