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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in African-American Studies

University & College Info March 30, 2013

History is fascinating as a hobby, but only productive when we learn something from it. It is up to the thinking man or woman to understand why history happened, and where human thinking faltered, so future generations can avoid making the same mistakes. This is the objective of the University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in African-American Studies. This is a highly intellectual and sociological consideration of all aspects of race and culture in America. This program, by The African American Studies Department, analyzes the experiences, cultures and traditions of African Americans. Students are not only taught the fundamentals, but are also educated in writing, research and critical thinking abilities.

Culture and Public Policies in University of Maryland (UMD) African-American Studies

The program considers not only history, but politics, economics and notable contributions from influential African-Americans. This course will help individuals learn a broader perspective of race, racism, social injustice and related sciences. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree involves choosing a specialty, either culture and history or practical application. The former is more involved with educational work, while the latter is especially important to modern managerial skills and company policies. Other options include earning a minor in Black Women’s Studies, or earning a certificate for other completed specialist work.

More in-depth courses within the curriculum include black culture in America, classic reading, micro and macroeconomics, and sociology. Admission requirements include a completed application, and the attendance of a College of Behavioral and Social Sciences workshop. Grades must average out to a minimum C- in every course, as well as maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Interactive Benefits of the UMCP African American Studies Program

All students have the chance to take part in an internship, provided they are in good standing and have met the minimum required credit hours. Internships require meeting a minimum number of hours, and involvement in a weekly seminar of academic research. There are also promising fieldwork programs, through the Experiential Learning in African American Studies seminar. This covers class discussions and experiential learning using service sites, under the eye of a supervisor. Supervisors assign jobs to each attendee and will evaluate their performances, leading to a letter of recommendation for successful students.

Organizations and Resources for UMD Students

One reason why UMD program is so rewarding to students is because of a few student-run organizations that help with education and experience. The Society of African American Studies is an organization that promotes community service, and is actively involved in campus-exclusive events. Meanwhile, the Office of Student Financial Aid helps students on a state, federal, or private institute level, in the way of scholarships or partial scholarships.

If race, culture and American history is what you feel passionate about, then make plans to request information from the University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in African-American Studies. This course will prepare you for a career in education or management, as it covers some vital aspects of human psychology, historical perspectives, and cultural appreciation. This is by far one of the university’s most collaborative efforts with students, and can prepare enthusiastic learners for a socially relevant career in leadership.

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