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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Chinese

University & College Info May 17, 2013

China is the most populous country in the world with well over one billion people. Regardless of whether you live in China, you react to the country’s every move as a world citizen. It is best to start learning about Chinese government, economy, culture, and perhaps even language. After all, with so much international business permeating the Internet, it is not merely a luxury to be familiar with China and Mandarin – it is smart thinking. The University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Chinese offers a comprehensive course in Chinese language.

What the UMCP Chinese Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Language Course Teaches

The Chinese major offers comprehensive training for East Asia careers, including the arts, business, international relations, media, and even agriculture. Students can learn the Chinese language as well as related subjects for their future careers, such as journalism and economics.

This course is 15 credits and provides linguistic education, as well as a background in Chinese language course. The prerequisites are 18 credits of Chinese language at the 200-level or greater. Subjects within the curriculum include spoken Chinese, written Chinese, life in China, readings in the modern Chinese language, fiction and film, youth and women studies, grammar, phonology and writing.

History is also a major consideration, along with a few courses of traditional Chinese history and modern Chinese government will also be reviewed. Elective subjects include cultural history, war history, popular culture, family roles, social issues and art. There are special studies on paintings, art history, politics, and government.

Extra Options for UMCP Students

One of the best reasons to sign up for a Chinese language and culture course is for the studying abroad option, which is extended to qualifying students. Students can actually travel to China to spend one summer or semester in the Republic of China, or in Taiwan.

The major program from UMD has been revised as recently as 2007, and now features more in-depth programs relevant to Chinese government, business and modern day living. Achieving the major now requires 39 credits, 18 of which will be in the language. There is also a grade requirement of 2.0 or greater.

One of the most exciting features of the UMCP School is the Language House, which was first built in 1932, and which to this day has served as a place for community – first as a resident hall and most recently as a community house for language education. The Language House has a satellite system, computer lab, lounge, cafe, event room and bedrooms. Most importantly, this facility is used to help immerse students in Chinese language and culture.

Students who succeed in this intensive UMD bachelor degree program in Chinese, often go on to careers in public management, public administration, education, energy and environment, international exchanges, and other high-ranking and lucrative positions. You will have the option of traveling overseas or working domestically in a hugely prominent role. If you are interested in putting your knowledge and love of Chinese culture and linguistics to good use, visit the UMD website and browse (

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