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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences: Animal Biotechnology

University & College Info March 31, 2013

One of the most exciting fields in modern science is animal biotechnology. Laboratory animal testing has brought about some of human biology and medical science’s true breakthroughs. Today we have the opportunity to reach even higher plains of technology through the science of animal biotechnology. This field combines the fields of science and engineering for more effective handling of animal production and processing.

University of Maryland’s (UMD) Course Studies

The University of Maryland College Park offers a Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences, with the area of specialization in animal biotechnology. This course, developed by The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, goes into immense detail regarding not only the technology we have, but how it can be applied to management, animal care, and deeper animal studies. Students will learn a great deal about farming life, including the most common livestock, as well as more advanced studies in lab management, veterinarian studies, nutrition, genetics, economy and other animal sciences. The bachelor’s degree program can be considered a prerequisite for further education, such as veterinary school or graduate school, or for jobs in the field of animal producers or research technicians.

UMD’s Classrooms and Facilities

The University of Maryland College Park has a truly welcoming facility for new students, with a lecture hall, social area and new classrooms. Laboratories, animal rooms and a surgery room accompany a teaching farm, making the facility up to date and highly interactive. The facility has been operating since 1991.

Prerequisites for Graduation

The UMD’s Animal Sciences coursework has specific requirements to receive a major. Students must complete the core courses on animal sciences as well as a specialization subject. The biotechnology specialization, one of the newest additions to the program, focuses on combining disciplines of biology and technology. This scientific approach to animal production will prepare students for a rewarding career in the field, or as preparation for veterinary work, or a professional degree.

The UMCP’s Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences, with Animal Biotechnology specialization, also requires a $50 per course fee for lab training. Optional courses will feature advanced curricula involving recombinant DNA, cell biology and physiology, organic chemistry, energetics, the management of livestock, commercial livestock management, aquaculture, and health management in a broader view of the animal population. One of the most notable things taught in the course, aside from textbook knowledge, will be critical thinking skills, the ability to manage for a company or on your own, should that need arise. Working with animals means managing the lactation and reproduction process, and other aspects of breeding.

Last but not least, students must learn to respect life, including animal welfare and animal behavior. With proper training, a UMD student can lead the new generation into producing superior livestock, services and products.

Internships, Scholarships and Campus Clubs

The UMD’s Animal Sciences and Animal Biochemistry degree offers internships in managerial training, as well as Honors Programs, and even a scholarship option from the American Society of Animal Sciences Scholastic Recognition and Department of Animal Sciences Scholastic Achievement Awards.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the rewarding social environment offered by the University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program, available through several clubs and societies. These include Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, the Animal Husbandry Club, Collegiate 4-H, Sigma Alpha, and University of Maryland Equestrian Club.

When people say that the world is in your hands, referring to environmentalism, global warming and the lot of it, they are also referring to responsible livestock care and production. Studying animal biochemistry with UMCP is not only a prodigious career move; it is also a responsible choice for the modern age.

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