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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Economics

University & College Info May 25, 2013

The Economics Department at the University of Maryland is ranked among the top twenty economics programs in the United States, according to the most recent study by the National Academy of Science. It is one of the most popular choices for undergraduates, with 1,100 pursuing a major in economics and 390 awarded degrees. Over 69% of the students taking economics course at the University of Maryland are not economics majors, but include the courses for their relevancy and practical application in their career choices. The University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in economics that is hugely popular among entrepreneurs.

The Department of Economics at the UMD

With forty faculty members, the Department of Economics offers a large variety of economic studies, covering virtually all areas of applied economics and economic theory. Among the diverse fields are advanced macro, advanced micro, economic development, environmental and natural resource economics, industrial organization, labor economics and political economics, among others.

Because of the diversity of studies, the economics department has an advisory staff for assisting undergraduates in the academic development. Advisory for economics majors is not mandatory, but it helps in developing a focus when there are so many choices available. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor on a periodic basis to ensure progress is being made in fulfilling all course requirements for their major.

Economists are valued among employers as they analyze the ways in which people make choices. The range of issues and circumstances that shape people’s thinking is so vast and complicated; economists use conceptual tools to focus on the primary factors in decision making and for predicting the typical outcomes of interactions. Economic majors often pursue careers in the banking and finance industry, government, law or International relations upon graduating. A bachelor’s degree in economics also serves well as a foundation for taking advanced training in a wide variety of areas.

Opportunities for Education at UMD

There are opportunities to take a year of economic course studies in a foreign country, which typically meets the requirements of mandatory studies in “History and Development”. Students wishing to study abroad should prepare well in advance before pursuing a Maryland Study Abroad Program. While there are other course requirements besides History and Development that can be met abroad, there are still four required courses that must be met on campus. These are ECON300, ECON301, ECON325 and ECON326. As soon as you’ve finished your study abroad case work, it’s important to send back an official transcript so the credits may be posted on your UMD transcript.

A bachelor’s degree in economics prepares the student for advanced study courses. The most important consideration is know what you want to accomplish and what the graduate school expects. Each type of position has its own unique qualifications and requirements. Some positions require a full background in theoretical analysis while others may desire advanced training in empirical methods. The most successful students with a bachelor’s degree in economics are the ones who know exactly what they want to do upon completion of their courses, and plan their curriculum accordingly.

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