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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management

University & College Info June 10, 2013

Figuring out the logistics of a situation means the difference between a flawed idea and a successful product launch. When a consumer pays for a product, they will also expect a service; namely, the delivery of the product in the right condition, at the right quantity and the correct time or place. In order to guarantee a peaceful and satisfactory experience, the company must invest in a logical plan, as well as all transportation vehicles, warehouses and inventory systems necessary. This also involves devising a plan of operation, packaging and various other processes. No wonder, the University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in logistics, transportation and supply chain management for students interested in moving up the corporate ladder and becoming a major part of a working company.

UMCP’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management

The program usually takes four years to complete, if students are enrolled full-time. Students study subject such as international business and marketing, finance, supply chain managerial roles, cross-cultural challenges and international economics. Majority of the program will center on supply chain management, as this directly affects profit and loss, branding and performance. Managers must oversee every fine detail, while also controlling and delegating select responsibilities. Materials represent one component, but customer service and overall costs will also come into play. International business is more concerned about global economic issues and how a multitude of cultures can affect the bottom line.

This program is made possible by the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Additional studies include purchasing, inbound logistics, carrier management, technology applications and executive level management. As the program concludes more niches will be discussed, such as business applications, sales managerial tactics, entrepreneurial approaches, e-commerce and how business relates to government policy.

Extracurricular Benefits at UMCP

The bachelor’s degree program also offers reality-based learning programs among other perks. Students can focus on a business specialization and look forward to smaller classes with Fellowship programs. They can work as a team with other students and other faculty members. There are local and national competitions as well as guest speakers and other niceties. Honors Programs include the CPS: Business Society and the Economy and the Hinman CEOs Program.

This is a career field that will teach you how to increase the efficiency of organizations—something that instantly brings a valuable skill set to the table. Companies will rely on you for advice, accurate and fast efficiency, and smooth transactions on all levels of business. Even expansion beyond the local level, and all the way into the finance world, are covered in this program. If you want to prove your worth to a company, or even work as a consultant someday, you can acquire that goal by starting a solid foundation of education in the area of logistics, transportation and supply chain management. The University of Maryland at College Park Bachelor Degree Program is just what you need to get started!

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