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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Biological Sciences: Microbiology

University & College Info May 24, 2013

Microbiology is a fascinating field and concerns the study of microscopic organisms, and how they affect others in ecology. Understanding microbiology is also an essential part of understanding our own society; how disease and health work and how they fail. An educational course in biology should touch on the basics of nature, but a specialization in microbiology would concern more complex issues such as molecular structure of microbes, the food chain, and how microbes actually affect population growth.

The University of Maryland at College Park’s Microbiology Degree

The UMD’s bachelor degree program in biological sciences and microbiology focuses not only on microorganisms, but also the biological machinery that we have created to genetically engineer various products, such as medicine. These systems are also entryways to more complex systems that could help the human race even further in battling disease and extending life.

What separates general biology from microbiology is that the latter involves studying bacteria processes as well as bacterial viruses, including human, animal and plant life. In addition to the threat, students also learn about the animal and plant defenses that resist the invasion. Counter infection methods are also discussed. Virology, immunology, and how all of these processes relate to biotechnology are what you will be learning.

After applying your knowledge of bacterial species, DNA sequencing and other issues, you will be an asset in agricultural, medicinal or biotechnology industries. Students graduating from the UMD microbiology science course often work in public health, or in medicine, though many students will specialize and find stability in law, education, or other industries.

Why UMD is the Wise Choice for Serious Microbiology Students

The curriculum is approved by the American Society for Microbiology and will train students to work not only in science, but also with forensics, research labs, and even in government agencies. Professionalism training accompanies the science and helps students develop their leadership skills for later use in shaping public policy or controlling disease threats.

Students will receive a significant deal of help from faculty courtesy of the advising program, which is required for pre-registration. Over 3,000 undergraduate students are learning biology at any given time, and they can expect state-of-the-art facilities for research, experienced and world renowned professors, Honors research programs, and other programs that benefit students like the College Park Scholars – Life Sciences Program. The Experiential Collaboration and Education in the Life Sciences helps students find their way through internships with local companies as well as high profile government labs. Awards are also given to exceptional students, such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program and the Beckman Scholars Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The career field of microbiology is predicted to increase by 13% over the next decade. It’s an in-demand profession, and one truly open to new graduates, particularly in the biological products field. Why not use your skills to help others by learning everything you can about life, disease and health? The University of Maryland at College Park can train you and help you reach your full potential.

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