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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Finance

University & College Info May 30, 2013

Finance is possibly the most important factor of your life, regardless of whether you are rich, moderate, self-employed, retired or graduating from school. You must always consider your forward steps, always taking the time to think over your budget and savings. It’s not money that makes the world go round, but finance and planning. This is as much a business skill as it is a family skill and the University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in finance that is top-notch.

What Does the University of Maryland at College Park Teach?

This finance major learning course covers some of the most important factors in business and finance, including corporate finance, investing and market movement. Students are taught about financial institutions that move the world economy, business and finance theory, and practices that are common in the business world today. The Robert H. Smith School of Business handles this particular undergraduate program.

In addition to principles such as equity, portfolio and management, additional studies include futures, financial institutions, options, contracts, international finance, special topics, accounting, analysis and operations research. As students progress upward, they will learn more about baking, macroeconomics and microeconomics, the international market, and lastly, the policies that shape economy and finance today. It is a well-rounded education that can be used in a variety of fields and businesses.

Extra Features for UMD Students

Students studying at the UMD’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in finance can expect plenty of extra features with enrollment, including advising and internships that give students work experience. The undergraduate B.S. (Bachelor of Science) program offers scholarships and finance options as well. The curriculum focuses on teaching students related disciplines including quantitative areas.

There are also competitive Finance Fellows programs for students who want to excel early on and an Emerging CFO course for students who want to work at the corporate level. Other opportunities exist for students who want to work in personal banking, mathematical finance or even senior level funds, through Senbet Fund. There are two on-site laboratories that offer financial research, as well as exploring the newest technologies in this field. The lab has been built to resemble the real New York stock exchange facility and real time data equipment can be seen and used by students. Other options include partnering projects with the CFA Institute, a global-sized organization of professional investors.

The UMD School has certainly made its name known throughout the business world, having been featured in Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and other publications. Students graduating from UMD, sometimes as early as an undergraduate degree, can go onto high-paying careers in corporate financial analysis, portfolio management, commercial banking, international finance and risk management. Students who further their education can easily enter the fields of law, business administrations and education.

Why not use your natural ability to work with numbers to your advantage, and to the advantage of others? The University of Maryland College Park bachelor degree program in finance provides a firm foundation of knowledge that will help to start your career with solid footing.

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