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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in French Language and Literature

University & College Info June 2, 2013

Oui (yes), French is truly one of the great languages in history, world politics, and diplomacy today. It is not only used within the U.S. and France, but also as far as Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. Learning French may be romantic and enjoyable, but it’s also a smart business decision, and one that will drastically enhance your career. The bachelor degree program in French language and literature is a program that challenges students with language, literature, criticism, research and humanities, all within the French culture.

The Curriculum at the University of Maryland College Park

Students must complete 36 hours of French courses at a 200-level minimum and maintain at least a C- average. Prerequisites include completing studies on French grammar, composition, culture and style. Students can also choose electives such as translation French to English or English to French, as well as advanced oral expressions and some history on Romanticism, modernism, and ages of enlightenment. There is also a study on writing with French style and sensibility.

Students can expect French-speaking faculty members and one-on-one advising and mentoring as the program advances. Educators are skilled in French and Francophone languages. Subjects covered in broad categories of French literature and language at UMD, including stylistics, cinema, civilization, women and feminism, as well as the France of today compared with the classic Paris, France setting. This program can be a major or a minor, and students can also try for double majors.

Extra Activities and Learning Opportunities at UMD

The UMD program in French language and literature also offers interactive programs through the Language House facility, the Language Partner Program, and even an overseas stay in France upon graduating from the program. Students not only get to visit France, but also teach in the country, showcasing themselves as ambitious, highly educated and qualified workers. There are also student associations within the Language House, such as the Jelly for the Belly Group, the Toastmaster’s Club, the Soccer Club and the Tai-Chi Club.

This is part of UMD’s Romance Language Major, and along with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, is considered one of the world’s most beautiful and poetic languages. While 36 credits are required for the program itself, prerequisites make the complete program 45 credits. Twenty-one credits are taken in each of the two languages that the student selects. The remainder subjects are chosen at a 400-level. The course is challenging, but focused and presented in such a way where the central themes and main points are easy to highlight.

With a career teaching French, your career possibilities are truly endless. You could break into education, or politics or a leadership role in a company that exclusively works with products or the culture of France. You could also travel abroad and find plenty of exotic opportunities, given the traveling abroad program. Why be content with just knowing French when you can put this education to good use and start communicating with people a world away?

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