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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Communication

University & College Info May 16, 2013

Communication is not merely a skill, but a necessity. In order to excel in any field, fulfill any dream, or earn any income, you must learn to communicate wants, needs, information, and knowledge to others. Communication is about how effectively you influence others, making your speech count, and making your ambitions a real world reality.

What Students of the UMCP School Can Learn in Communication

The UMD’s bachelor degree program in communication offers a curriculum designed to help students excel in the arts and sciences, which will prepare them for a career that matters. The top job fields that communications students go on to include business, education, government sectors, and public relations. In this course, students learn about organization, communicating with a mass population, communicating with people of different cultures, and even political speak and rhetorical theory. In addition, students can also enjoy the practicality of other related courses such as persuasion, criticism and even conflict resolution.

Communication majors focus on teaching humanity in many ways, making sure students are able to speak effectively and can communicate key points with others, in multiple aspects of life. This is not merely an education in performance, but also in enhancing your knowledge of what others do to be effective communicators, in business, politics and even one-on-one relationships.

Specializing and Progressing with a UMD Education

After the coursework is completed, it’s up to you to chart a path. Some students go on to further their education, using the bachelor’s degree program as a pre-professional major, and then seek to study law or other specialties. Some go onto complete graduate work. Regardless of where you plan to go, if you want to progress rapidly, you must learn how to communicate with your employers, fellow employees, and the general public who are critical to your success.

The four tracks of study include communication studies, social influence, public relations and rhetoric and political culture. Within these tracks, there are performance requirements, research assignments, track requirements, elective subjects, intellectual skill refining and cognate studies. In order for students to qualify for a degree, a C- grade is required.

Other Benefits for UMD Students

UMD students can also benefit from internship programs as well as an Honors Option. One of the most exciting aspects of the school is the community experience, which helps new students pursue their special field of interest, whether it’s law, public service, politics or campaigning for social change. The Communication and Advocacy Learning Community is one prominent organization, while other influential groups include the Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA) and the Public Relations Student Society of America. This is a national organization made of 10,000 students across the United States. It helps with networking, news and other academic pursuits.

Communications is a course best serving students who know what they want in a career, and know precisely what skills they need to excel. The University of Maryland College Park’s bachelor degree program in communication is truly a stepping stone to great things.

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