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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Agricultural and Resource Economics

University & College Info March 30, 2013

Economics isn’t just about carefully handling money. It involves careful moderation and utilization of all limited assets and resources. Among the most pressing issues in the global landscape is sustainable agriculture in a highly urbanized society. The Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) program offer a wide range of studies for the undergraduate, including agribusiness economics resource and agricultural policy and global poverty. Their belief is that sustainable agriculture can meet the demands of a highly urbanized population.

A World View of Agricultural and Resource Economics

The Agricultural and Resource Economics program is offered by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, at the University of Maryland College Park. The program is one of the most esteemed of its kind, with top ratings for over twenty-five years. Students who major in its disciplines take classes in business management, environmental and resource policy, international agriculture, agricultural economics, food production, and economic theory and method.

The experience for the global poverty minor is a unique education in signature courses on world hunger and global poverty, a choice of various interdisciplinary electives addressing poverty and options to study abroad, as well as internship possibilities.

Internships for Undergraduates of Agricultural and Resource Economics

An internship with this University of Maryland (UMD) program can place the agricultural and resource economics undergraduate in the middle of US agricultural policy making or acquire experience in International agricultural development. Majors can apply with the American Farm Bureau Federation, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) or develop their international diplomatic experience with an internship in European agriculture from the Washington office. Other international internships include Nourishing the Planet and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

A minor in agricultural and resource economics can give the student a rich experience in global poverty awareness and the personal rewards of assisting a charitable organization. Minors have the opportunity to work with the Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Feeding America, Africa Actions, as well as numerous other humanitarian groups.

Requirements for an Undergraduate Program in Agricultural and Resource Economics

The UMCP degree program requires that the undergraduate has taken a complete set of prerequisite courses. The core classes are offered by Agriculture and Resource Department at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UMCP. Core classes include economic reasoning, agribusiness management, economic development and analytical methods. Students add an extra dimension to their plan by choosing one or two fields of course work from other departments.

The UMD program in agricultural and resource economics allows the student a great deal of flexibility in choosing the field that best reflects the individual’s area of concern. It creates life skills for coping with problems of resource development and sustainable agriculture for a changing planet. The student is equipped to enter the arena of policymaking and addressing world hunger or the development of agriculture at the corporate level. By entering AREC, the student enters a field of study that has national and global impact.

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