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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Germanic Studies

University & College Info May 31, 2013

German is one of the world’s most important languages and it has a full bachelor’s degree program at the University of Maryland in College Park. The bachelor degree program in Germanic studies covers not only language, but also culture and history. The program centers on literature from Germany, the culture of many German regions, as well as the language itself.

By the end of the program, students will be able to read, write and speak German fluently. This will allow them ample work opportunities as well as the skill to communicate with native German speakers. It’s not merely the ability to speak the language, but also the ability to interpret diverse cultures. This will allow students to influence the English speaking world to open themselves up to the idea of German products—among the most innovative and earth-friendly in the world.

German Program Curriculum at UMD

The program begins with an intensive study of elementary German then progresses to intermediate German, and then advanced German. In addition to language, the study program also delves into grammar review, the people and social climate of Germany, issues in politics, literature, culture and related economic issues. Of all 36 total credits required, only nine can be in English. Six credits can be taken outside of the UMD language department.

One of the most exciting features of the UMD College and Germanic studies program is the option to study abroad. This program lets you study abroad, and you can earn credits. Internships can also be applied. The Honors Program offers gifted students the chance to have additional mentoring with faculty members and prepare students for advanced studies. The benefits of an Honors Program is a stronger work application, more one-on-one attention with educators, letters of recommendation, and more interest from employers upon graduation.

More Activities Courtesy of UMD’s Language House

This program at UMD was created by the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The facilities are another point of interest. The Language house contains a computer lab, a satellite system with international programming, a lounge for events and a cafe for house gatherings. Among the associations, there are movie clubs, martial arts clubs, garden clubs and dance clubs. There is even a club called Face to Face, which offers discussion on hot topics in the nation and overseas. The Student Advisory Board, part of the Italian cluster, offers discussion and events based around art, technology, music and community outreach. It is essentially a go-between among students and administration at the Language House.

Students can also expect special activities within the language house including film screenings, international holiday events, workshops for careers and jobs, Intramural sports, faculty dinners and art exhibit field trips.

If you have always admired the German language, then this is an ideal program to pursue, given its in-depth coverage of the language, culture and people of this great country. Turn your interest into a career and make the money you deserve, all the while, help bring the benefits of German culture to the U.S.

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