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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Urban Forestry

University & College Info June 30, 2013

Urban forestry is one of the most promising career fields in all of landscaping today. Learning how to manage green infrastructure will allow you to work with community planners, share your expertise with high-ranking officials, and most importantly, protect forests and trees from damage. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in urban forestry that covers all of the main points of what forestry is in an urban setting, including working with communities and developing landscapes.

UMD’s Commitment to Urban Forestry Education

The school’s curriculum teaches all aspects of city landscaping, but in particular urban planning, development, and how to make roadsides and public property aesthetically beautiful with the help of plants and trees. A great deal of time is spent discussing about these enhancements, as well as how to plant and maintain greenery in a variety of settings; for example, in parks, residential areas, or public pathways. The subjects discussed also included ways to protect forests and trees even when developing urban commerce is decided.

The UMD’s program prepares students for a career as an urban forester. The four-year curriculum will touch on new technologies as well as specialized skills that will prepare students for a job as a forester or consultant. An understanding of biology is essential before one can work in this field, but business skills are also extremely important, since you will serve as a mediator between green activists and commercial companies or government agencies. You must know a great deal about urban forestry, the science and business, before you can effectively take on a large project.

The School’s Facilities and Other UMD Benefits

The UMD campus is located in Maryland and near Washington D.C. making it a prime spot for events, affiliations, partnerships and internship assignments in high-profile places. It also helps that Maryland is one of the best states in the nation when it comes to proactive forest conservation practice. Students enrolled in this program will work with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as well as other entities. The facilities are large and ideal for students to explore and learn from, as the 1,300 acres campus provides huge space for outdoor testing and field research. The classrooms are also high-tech, and you will have access to labs, large halls and other facilities.

There are also plenty of scholarships to look forward to as you advance in your education, while trying to budget your future. These include the Garden Club of America and the National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. Both of these scholarships award students who excel in the field of urban forestry. For the latter, the minimum award is $3,000.

Yes, this career path has many options in the way of tree care, private consulting, government ties, land managing, corporate administrators, researchers, and even policy makers. Just imagine yourself in a position of authority, finally able to make a difference and “save a tree,” but in the real, business world. It is more than a job, it is a calling!

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