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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Materials Science and Engineering

University & College Info June 10, 2013

Science and engineering are two subjects that are important to shaping a modern world. Before technology arrives, a thorough understanding of materials is required. There is a complex structure to remember for multiple types of fields; for example, space structures require electro-optical switching materials, while high temperature plastics are needed in creating transportation systems and units. This exciting career field is why the University of Maryland College Park offers a bachelor degree program in materials science and engineering.

The UMCP Curriculum for Materials Science and Engineering

This educational program covers a broad range of topics that coalesce into full knowledge of science and engineering materials. Students will learn mathematics as well as the fundamentals of chemistry and physics. Engineering science studies will accompany an area of specialization, as well as a science elective and two more electives dealing with technical subject matter. One hundred and twenty-three credits are needed for the competition of this bachelor’s degree program.

Students begin the program by learning design strategies, standards of engineered materials, calculus, mechanics and physics. As the program continues, sophomore students will be treated to more advanced knowledge, including differential equations, applications of materials, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. By junior year, students will be taking materials laboratory studies, electromagnetic properties, physics of solids and micro-processing. The undergraduate program ends with discussions on macro-processing, kinetics and reliability of materials. In order to graduate, students must have over 124 credits and maintain grades of a C- and a grade point average (GPA) of over 2.0.

Why Students Enjoy Their Time at UMD

The accredited materials science and engineering program at UMD is not the only reason to enroll. Promising students like you can also look forward to working with faculty members on lab and research projects, as well as taking advantage of the campus’ facilities. For instance, the modern Engineering Materials Instructional lab is an exciting facility with new supplies and equipment, while the Nano-scale Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Properties Laboratory have unique tools for in-depth research. The facilities include the Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing and the FabLab Micro and Nano Fabrication Laboratory.

Students can also expect to work closely with faculty and working professionals in the field, thanks to internships and co-op field trips. The objective is to train a new generation of students who can be molded into leaders, always on the cutting edge of technology. Students who graduate from this program will gain technical knowledge, as well as being able to define and solve engineering and science problems in the specific subsection of materials. Students can seek careers as engineers and scientists, and will be able to operate efficiently for companies without the need for constant supervision. At the same time, just as important as the recent and distance past is the future—the future of technology that must be continuously examined to stay current with the industry’s needs.

Working with the University of Maryland at College Park for the materials science program will help you to function well on teams and be a leader, whenever needed. This is a subject that will continue to have global and societal consequences, hopefully for the betterment of humanity.

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