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University Of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Linguistics

University & College Info June 9, 2013

We oftentimes take speech for granted. We know how to communicate, but how often do we consider the impact of our words? How often do we consider the efficacy of our speech and the implications of our voice? All of these are issues in linguistics, an important part of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The University of Maryland at College Park provides students with a bachelor degree program in linguistics covering all issues of language study. The study program delves into subjects of philosophy and psychology, as they undoubtedly influence how people speak and behavior. In fact, a great deal of innovation and research has taken place even within the last 70 years.

UMD’s College Courses for Linguistics

Not only is language discussed, but the theory of language is also a subject, such as how children are able to master their native tongue with relative ease in comparison to an adult. The research in this course helps to determine how this comes to be, and what might the role be for genetics, vocal capacity, knowledge, personality, environment and so on. This B.A. program does not only teach students about human communication, but also teaches students how to research and assemble empirical research skills. They will be taught scientific methodology as well as ways to compile and analyze evidence.

By the end of the program, students will be able to give a phonological analysis of any language based on the knowledge they have accumulated. The major requires a C- grade average and grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in order for the student to graduate from UMD. The coursework begins with a study on language and the mix, as well as syntax and phonology. As the course goes deeper; history, grammar, meaning, word formation and memory and cognition are discussed.

The UMD Facility and Other Academic Honors

One of the best reasons to enroll at the University of Maryland at College Park is due to the academic programs and facilities the bachelor degree program in linguistics offers. There are numerous projects that students can become involved with, such as projects and experiments for computer programming or complex areas such as psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. This is a tremendous chance for students to get to know their mentors and teachers and work on design or experimental procedures as part of their work experience.

The Honors Program offers rewards to students who work hard, while scholarships like the Baggett Summer Scholarships help students that are in financial need. New students need a support system while learning intensively, so societies like the Association of Student Linguists can help a student to progress rapidly within the community and soon in a future career.

Students who graduate from this program will eventually go on to work in some avenue of linguistics such as cognitive science or computer science. The best jobs seem to go to students who use their knowledge of linguistics, but also take the time to learn a different language; thus, can work as a professional translator. On the other hand, some students use this knowledge to further their careers in medicine or law. All options are available to you!

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