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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Environmental Health

University & College Info May 26, 2013

The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in environmental health, a subject that hits close to home for many individuals who desire greatly to return the earth back to its most natural state. In the UMD’s program on environmental health, the main points emphasized are natural resources, soil, health and ecology. Within ecology, there are also sub-points, such as technology and design.

Students who go on to graduate from this specialty often pursue careers as policy makers, engineers of green-friendly equipment, and consultants for green solutions. There are also opportunities with government agencies, consulting companies, and large private organizations who are trying to follow the green trend. The faculty is remarkably comfortable outdoors, so students can expect an extremely hands-on approach to the environment, including treks through wetlands, wood and treatment plants for water.

The Curriculum UMD Students Will Learn

UMD students will begin studying the unique environmental challenges to the 21st century. Before general health is discussed, it is essential to discover the reasons behind problems, usually related to plant and soil science, food production and other security issues. From that point, soil and environmental will be discussed, along with natural resources, pollution from various sources, and how soil relates directly to the food chain.

The fundamentals of wildlife and fish life are also discussed, not to mention history of conservation and what types of environmental issues tend to plague what countries. As the curriculum finished, students are allowed to fulfill additional credits by taking part in an Honors Thesis Research (three to six credits) as well as an internship that provides new environmental devotees with work experience. The work is usually related to landscaping technique, gardening, or perhaps agronomic development. Additionally, advanced scientific methods common in the field are discussed including testing and improving water quality, and creating wetlands from the ground up as a means of conservation.

Benefits from University of Maryland

UMD College Park provides a number of features to students who are undoubtedly struggling with every new day. There are scholarships as well as student organizations of interest. There is even an exchange program that lets students travel overseas and visit the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as other nearby school. There is a learning program for students called Beyond the Classroom, which is an organization dedicated to helping students acquire leadership qualities. Other exciting programs include College Park Scholars, Hinman’s CEO’s (which is affiliated with the Clark School of Engineering) and the Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House. An association worth asking about is the Natural Resources Management Society, which gives students the opportunity to get involved in natural resources management on a community level—this will be an impressive achievement when it’s time to begin applying for a career position.

If you enjoy stirring people up for environmental causes, then take it one step further and learn how to speak with authority; with facts and the support of your local community. Education and environmental health are the most notable subjects, and you could be at the forefront of this social change!

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