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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Education

University & College Info May 25, 2013

Being a teacher is perhaps the greatest and most self-sacrificing career of them all; this is a position that requires you to shape, mold and encourage young minds to continue their scholastic careers, and eventually grow into leaders. The University of Maryland at College Park is offering a bachelor degree program in education, and this program offers much in the way of education, from the bachelor’s level, to the master’s level, both, and even a double major and minor program.

Study Lessons for the UMD

UMD College Park handles this program through the College of Education. This is where the school faculty provides interdisciplinary research and innovative instruction to promising students. Students can opt for a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or a B.S. (Bachelor of Science), depending on their major. At the very least, a minimum of 120 credits is required, as well as a grade average of C and a 2.75 GPA. In addition to GPA performance, some experience may be required for qualification. Namely, letters of recommendation, a good rating with the College of Education Foundational Competencies, and experience with the age range you plan on teaching.

Once the course is under way, general subjects will be taught, and these include the most important educational elements such as math, geometry, and physical and biological science (which will involve laboratory work). As the program advances, new material will be discussed including more complicated subjects including art, social studies, history, government and social civics.

Scholarship Programs and Other UMD Benefits

The scholarship program is something special indeed, as a number of thousand dollars scholarships are given to students, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. The criteria for scholarship benefits include financial need, as well as academic performances and leadership potential. There are also scholarship options that extend to minorities. Other resources of aid include the National SMART Grants Program and the Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program.

Some of the most noteworthy student organizations include the College of Education Student Assembly and the Kappa Delta Pi, which is an honor society. There is also an association for students interested in working with individuals who have disabilities called the Student Council for Exceptional Children. Another organization of merit is the Student Educators of Young Children, which is a community outreach program in association with the Association for the Education of Young Children in Maryland.

There are three divisions within the UMD Education Department, and they are science and mathematics; language, literacy, culture and social inquiry; education policy and leadership. Students can decide if they want to pursue employment after completing the undergraduate program or do they want to pursue higher education at the master’s degree level. Whatever the case, education is certainly a career to bank on. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS – jobs for teachers will only increase over the next ten years, particularly in urban areas. The outlook and pay is highly dependent on price, and the type of specialization the teacher has; for example, a foreign language or a science teacher. Nevertheless, the job is set to increase at least until 2018.

In any event, don’t let your gift of education and communications go to waste. Teach a new generation of impressionable minds with your know-how and savvy.

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