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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Geographical Sciences

University & College Info June 2, 2013

Geographical science is the study of the environment, particularly with a view towards the present and future. Our future depends on how well we treat the earth, as well as what type of land we develop and with what methodology. This is not guesswork, but the result of years of experience in learning science, managerial skills, and social economics. The University of Maryland at College Park’s bachelor degree program in geographical sciences can help you plan the future and acquaint you with the latest developments in technology, including electronic devices, disease control, and so on.

The Curriculum of UMD’s Geographical Sciences Program

This undergraduate degree focuses on human beings as the direct cause of everything that happens in the world. The world is changing, and it is the responsibility of humans to consider the environment in all situations. Covered in this program is the effect of oil production, as well as the search for fresh water. New insights regarding food supply, water, and other natural resources are discussed, as well as the differences in regions and how that shapes policy.

The bachelor’s degree program begins with a discussion on earth’s physical system and what makes the environment to what it is today. Next, students are asked to consider the geographical approach and how it influences human-environment relationships. Before one can influence change, he or she must understand the methods and techniques involved with geological work, not to mention understanding the methods of data collection that are involved in the research and investigation stage. The school requires 35 semester hours, as well as an extra 15 semester hours in course work away from the college. In order to pass, students must complete their studies with a C- grade and a 2.0 GPA at minimum. Attention will be given to cultural perspectives, upper level geography, as well as calculus. For individuals who do not have any foundation in geography, general education courses at the 100-level are available, though they don’t count towards the major.

UMD College’s Bachelor Degree Program in Geographical Sciences

The UMD program offers academic courses and facilities that are state of the art. Students can expect 25-seat computer teaching laboratories as well as new equipment for field testing including the use of GPS and computer cartography. There are numerous possibilities for fieldwork that students can look into, including visiting the Southern Caribbean, as well as Croatia. Internships are also encouraged, as students can gain valuable work experience and count it towards their semester by working as an intern. Since internships happen off campus, they may be paid or unpaid.

The Department of Geographical Sciences does require that students have at least a 2.5 GPA (grade point average) to take part in this internship opportunity. The Honors Program offers independent research projects and the chance to work with experience faculty members on a one-on-one basis. The Honor Program does require special academic achievement; namely, a 3.2 GPA with a 3.5 GPA in geographical sciences – the core subjects. Student societies of interest include the Geography Club, which is open to undergraduates, and screen movies and events, as well as the Gamma Theta Upsilon: The Geography Honor Society.

This is a great time to get active and involved with the community. Rather than be a follower, why not step up and be a leader with some help from the UMD geographical sciences training course?

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