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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Geology

University & College Info June 1, 2013

Geology refers to the science of nature, and usually involves creating and influencing the ideal human environment. Geology deals with planet earth, obviously, but it is also the broad view of all planets within the solar system. Scientists make it a point to study the internal and peripheral structures of the earth; along the way, they learn about material, chemicals and physical changes that occur. This not only involves geology in the strictest definition, but also principles of physics, mathematics and chemistry. The University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in geology worth considering for students serious about improving the environment.

The Course of Learning UMCP Provides

The curriculum is based on multiple aspects of biology and chemistry, covering diverse scientific systems, such as hydrology, meteorology, oceanography and marine science and soil. The goal is to educate students in exploration; so that they can lead the way in finding new mineral and hydrocarbon resources. The Geology Program at UMD offers new information on environmental science, policy, and analysis. Students are taught not merely textbook information, but also how to write proposals, reports, data and forum productive evaluations. In order to complete the course, an average of C- must be maintained, as well as 49 credits completed.

The course begins with fundamental lessons, such as mineralogy, geomorphology, stratigraphy and technical writing. From there, the course advanced into more complex subjects, such as low temperature and high-temperature geochemistry, petrology and calculus. The effect of physics, including vibration, heat waves, and magnetism is also an important part of the field. Lab work commences as the course concludes, along with global change discussions, sedimentation and stratigraphy, as well as tectonics.

Special Activities and Groups for UMD Students

UMD students are given plenty of chances to reach out in their formal education, by way of advising, the Honors Program (which requires a 3.5 GPA) and student societies. Some of the most notable awards handed out include an award for scholastic merit, and the Fernow Memorial Faculty Field Camp Awards. Societies of interest include the Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the Geology Club and the National Honor Society for Earth Sciences. Some of the facilities of special merit include the Electron Probe Microanalyzer Laboratory, which has state-of-the-art equipment and is used to study minerals and rocks.

As a geologist, you will be able to progress to a number of different positions, including engineering and environmental projects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS – speculates that the outlook for geologists is above average since the earth is dwindling in resources, and experts are being called upon to put into action green-friendly solutions. Not only can you choose a governmental path, but you could also look into corporate positions or consulting jobs.

Now is the time to pursue a career in geology, right when the world needs you. Talk about environmental issues, the ones that matter to you most; from sustainability to green-living to recycling and conservation. It’s time to speak not just as a hobbyist, but as a career professional!

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