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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Anthropology

University & College Info May 12, 2013

Anthropology is all about human culture and the science that explains it to us. The subject not only involves human history and human philosophy, but also involves the study of diversity, relationships, history and how it affects the present, as well as biology. Within these sciences of humanity also lie complex biological and social studies. In essence, everything around us is anthropology, but the study of it is intensive and focuses on specific areas of economy, customs, language, religion and social behavior.

What the UMCP Bachelor Degree Program in Anthropology Covers

University of Maryland College Park has prepared a course on anthropology, specifically from the Department of Anthropology. The University of Maryland offers training in this course that covers not only the core components, but also studies in archeology, biology, linguistics and world culture. The training focuses not only on practical usage, but also applied anthropology, as in what you will be doing in this career field. Students graduating from this UMD bachelor’s degree course oftentimes pursue careers in environmental management, health services, heritage and education, or even overseas for more exotic and rewarding opportunities.

A background in anthropology prepares you for a number of avenues in your career path. While the work is challenging, it is not impossible to start your dream career path. To begin UMCP Anthropology classes, you must complete 31 credits of anthropology course work and have a C- or better grade average. You must also gain approval for your supporting work and successfully complete all milestones and a degree audit.

What Students Will Learn at the UMD School for Anthropology

Some of the courses that will be taught in this comprehensive program include fundamental math and English courses (must be done in two terms), ecology and evolution, socio-cultural anthropology, ethnology and geography. Some of the credits also come to students in internships, field work. Undergraduate courses that students can take might include forensic science, sexuality and culture, zoo archaeology and even a lesson on conformity and dissidence.

Overall, this course teaches promising new students how to learn and understand human culture and society, and more importantly how to understand and influence evolution. Core learning lessons center on critical thinking, including questioning explanations as to why different communities have such diverse beliefs and practices. The new advent of globalization is also a major topic as is computer analysis and acquisitions, as it relates to compiling information.

By the end of the course, students will be able to research subject matter, articulate theories and methods, as well as create alternative and opposing views on many mainstream issues. Students will be trained in human behavior and taught how to look for patterns of thought in society, and how they are often influenced by political or economic climates of the time.

This program is presented by the University of Maryland’s Department of Anthropology, which is actually located in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences wing, stationed in Woods Hall. This is a tremendous opportunity for students who are interested in making a difference in life and social civics. You cannot merely dream or promise without first understanding how and why humanity operates – then and now!

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