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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Biological Sciences: General Biology

University & College Info May 23, 2013

An understanding of life as we know it means attaining an understanding of organisms, large and small, human and even microscopic. Life concerns molecules, ecology and cells, and this is what you will learn when you are accepted to the University of Maryland at College Park’s bachelor degree program. Biological sciences and general biology offer a discussion on highly advanced topics like membrane biophysics, mammalian physiology and, vertebrate forms.

It’s not merely learning about base organisms, but also the environment of these organisms, including the behavior of animals, the life of plants, population and evolution. This study requires a discussion of general biology, as well as specialization options, such as in the medical profession, or evolutionary medicine.

The UMD’s Courses in Biological Sciences

UMD teaches biology through the Department of Biology, Cells and Molecular Genetics, and Entomology. The education takes place in an undergraduate program held at the College of Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences. To begin, the course covers general education requirements as well as biological sciences. Genetics and calculus are also covered, followed by lab and organic chemistry essentials, energetic, physics, and then the elective subjects.

By completion, students will have mastered critical knowledge about the science of biology, as well as practical application, including the ability to apply quantitative methods, to interpret graphical data, and to solve complex equations in order to determine biological variables for a company or agency. Training consists of building hypotheses, communicating with peers, and integrating knowledge into various fields and sciences.

UMD Offers Training Beyond the Minimum

The University of Maryland College Park offers a bachelor’s degree program with many additions, perks and niceties for serious students. These include advisory help from the staff who works at the College of Computer, Math and Natural Sciences, Student Services, as well as association with the Smithsonian Institute and the National Institutes of Health. Honors programs are available, and one of the best aspects of this program are the weekly seminars, which help students get intellectual stimulation from professionals in the field, inside and outside campus, networking experience, field trips, and plenty of social opportunities with other students.

Individual specialization is another advantage. That means you have the option to go deeper into science, or into niche areas such as education, linguistics, psychology, vet care, or zoology, and other fields. Many students go on to successful careers in medicine, conservation, government agencies (where they help shape public policy). Scholarships of interest include the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship, among others.

Biochemists and biophysicists are expected to increase at over 30% within the next decade. This is faster than other occupations and much of the help is needed in the product and processes field. Your career options are vast upon completing a bachelor’s degree. The UMD bachelor’s degree program in general biology teach you not only the science, but also the professionalism you are expected to have to land a high ranking job in an institution that truly matters.

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