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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) – College of Information Studies

University & College Info April 2, 2013

The University of Maryland at College Park is a huge institution that encompasses many schools and studies, and one of the most well-known is the College of Information Studies, otherwise known as the iSchool. This graduate school offers advanced learning studies, from Master of Library Science degrees to Master of Information Management, to even Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

The College of Information Studies – University of Maryland (UMD) Facility

UMD’s leading name is not only due to the University of Maryland at College Park, but because the College of Information Studies is such a grand facility in its own right. The UMCP’s school offers digital libraries, easy human interaction with computer databases, cloud storage, e-government and even social media tools. The facility is actually listed as one of the top ten information schools nationwide according to U.S. News and World Report.

UMD College of Information Studies Career Options

There are a few different courses to select, each with its own career path. The Master of Library Science degree educates students in library operation, not only locally, but nationally and internationally. This 36-credit course will take five years to complete, and graduates must maintain at least a B average. Specializations could include archival management or media and formats, while concentrations might include the online presence of digital government.

Curriculum and Concentrations at UMD

The Master of Information Management course at the UMD College of Information Studies requires the same 36-hour commitment with the same grade point average (GPA), and time period. However, studies center on computer sciences and related management of this technology. Tracks might include a CIO concentration, as in the data Chief Information Officers of a company would work with, or Socio-Tech Information Systems coursework, which handles the problems of a Chief Technology Officer. There is also a program for Individual Advancement, which might serve students looking for very particular business situations.

The UMCP Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction involves some hugely complex subject matter, touching on multiple aspects of human psychology, engineering and modern computer sciences. In an increasingly mobile world, where people use their hand held computers for convenience and not merely necessity, marketing and social strategies are essential. Lastly there’s the UMCP CIS PhD program which has 25 credit hours, and involves completing graduate work, and coursework papers that must be reviewed by a committee. In some cases, equivalent experience can be considered instead of coursework completion.

UMD’s College of Information Studies Achievements

The College of Information Studies has thrived under the leadership of Dr. Diane Barlow, who helped to create a program that gave tuition to part-time female students, in lieu of hard economic challenges. The school has also worked out an exchange program with a Beijing School in China.

The University of Maryland in College Park, offering the College of Information Studies’ advanced learning degrees can help ambitious students realize their dreams. Whether you want to discover new technology, help shape the modern world, or inspire the local community, this is the education that you need to begin a successful career.

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