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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in English Language and Literature

University & College Info May 25, 2013

The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in English language and literature, which is an ideal program for many students who want to reach out at the academic level. The curriculum of the school covers a variety of subjects allowing students to take a broad view of this language that is both ancient and modern.

The Curriculum of UMCP

The curriculum of the UMCP English course requires 36 credits beyond fundamental studies. In addition to studying principles of English structure, grammar and spelling, students also learn about literature, culture and linguistic subtleties between dialects. There is also a course that delves deeper into subgenres within English, such as African-American, multiracial U.S. Citizens, feminism and women, gay, lesbian and bisexual studies, and other niche areas. Old English is also considered, from British origins to post-colonial writings.

In order to pass this program, students must receive a C average. Along the way, students will learn how to converse with various ethnicities in proper English, as well as how to read, write and speak. Literature is considered fiction and nonfiction, as well as history. Poetry, drama and even folksongs and ballads are also discussed. Postmodern literature will be reviewed, as will pre-1800s playwriting from the likes of Shakespeare and epic verse from Milton. The course not only prepares students how to read, but also how to write. A workshop on writing will help authors appreciate the art film. Film and media is a legitimate part of English language in the modern age, and thus, video oratory and computer text is also discussed. All of these elements of language are to be considered in the full scope of linguistics. The ability to communicate is directly linked with a successful career, regardless of avenue.

More Programs of Interest to Students

The school offers an internship program as well as the option to travel abroad with The University Studies Abroad Consortium, which covers 25 countries and 39 sites. For internship information, contact the The English Undergraduate Studies Office and find out about pre-work internships as well as MGA (Maryland General Assembly Program) internships. The UMD sponsored short-term program allows students to earn resident credit for a short-term project. Equally exciting is the opportunity to join the English Undergraduate Association, as well as the Sigma Tau Delta and the English Honor Society. The English Honors Program gives you the chance to watch seminars and join an intellectual and literary community for projects and discussion.

The skills you learn in UMCP’s English bachelor’s degree program, involving research and writing, will be invaluable. Students who succeed in English and literature will often go onto teaching positions. However, their options are wide open, as the fields of law, business and management are always interested in students who take the time to learn the subtleties of communication. Don’t be a “grammar Nazi” on Facebook when you can actually go to school and learn advanced language and literature training—the likes of which you can use to create a more fulfilling and relevant career!

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