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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Environmental Science and Technology

University & College Info May 27, 2013

Environmental science is complex in its own, but the level deepens as we consider the newest technology used to heal, restore and protect the environment. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in environmental science and technology. The environmental science program prepares students for careers built around restoring the environment and resolving issues that affect the ecosystem.

Curriculum for the University of Maryland at College Park

Undergraduates of the bachelor degree program in environmental science and technology will study human lifestyles, specifically as it relates to the environment, as well as scientific research on water and soil. Much of the course is focused on finding viable solutions since in theory, this is what companies and government offices will hire professionals to do. The objective will be improving the situation as is; namely, in the way of enhancing the quality of water, soil, air and the local ecosystem. This will encompass some broad subject matter as well as some scientific principles such as mathematics and quantitative design.

Students will start the lesson by considering soil fertility, morphology, hydrology and microbial ecology. As coursework advances, field soil morphology, wetland soil and how soil becomes polluted will be discussed. Additional subjects will include anthropology, horticulture, landscaping, animal science and civil engineering. While a thorough understanding of science and ecology is important, the focus in this program is on technology; the equipment and processes science have devised to meet our noble goals.

What Students Can Expect from the UMCP Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Environmental Science and Technology

UMCP students can expect the best quality education from one of the nation’s top schools. In addition to an advanced training course, the university also includes hands on learning exhibitions and features, including internships and research assignments. Scholarships are available to selected students based on need, performance and sometimes minority status. The Office of Student Financial Aid administers these scholarship grants.

When it comes to societies, the UMCP campus offers several helpful events that help encourage education inside and outside of the classroom. There is even a group called the Natural Resources Management Society, which is a group of students that provide recreational and social events, as well as networking for future work.

UMCP B.S. Training is a Wise Investment

All in all, this course is going to be a wise investment for students that have a natural interest in technology, but also those who want to use their skills towards rebuilding life, rather than making it more convenient. The environmental technology discipline favors students who want to work at the cutting-edge of green-friendly science.

The engineering or “hands on” approach is what characterizes this program and sets it apart from the rest. In contrast, the policy-making and social civics side of the equation is de-emphasized. Obviously, convincing companies and consumers to go green in terms of legislation is a challenge. Some students may prefer to handle the scientific aspects of a new mechanical system rather than debating laws in a public forum. The good news is there will be room for individuals who want to stand up and let their voice be heard.

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