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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Natural Resources Management

University & College Info June 12, 2013

Natural resources are literally all that we have of our future. Without some effort of conservation, human life would cease to exist. While it is convenient to say that you care about the environment; few people truly understand what is involved in such work on a daily basis, and how the entire process develops from start to finish. The University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in natural resources management that covers the fundamentals of resource management.

Curriculum and Subjects for Natural Resources Management at UMD

This UMD bachelor’s degree program covers main areas of horticulture and crop production, plant science, turf and golf course management, urban forestry and landscape management. This educational program is presented by the Department of Environmental Science and Technology. Concentrations in the broader course can be ecological technology, environmental health, soil science or area of specialization, or natural resources management. The latter is defined by a direction of environmentalism as it relates to earth’s remaining resources.

This means a crash course in how ecosystems work, as well as how human society is affected by ecology in highly complex cycles. Teachers will explain how vegetation and wildlife related to one another, as well as forests and cities. Thus, the key to creating real change and moving people to take positive action lies in the ability to understand, explain and affect these cycles. What we know as green-friendly technology and conservation simply means a more harmonious relationship between all ecosystems on the planet. The curriculum will discuss some important aspects of ecology, such as design, urban water and energy, capstone and other sciences.

What Are the Advantages of a UMD Bachelor’s Degree Education?

There are many perks involved in enrolling with UMD. There is a field experience option to enjoy, as well as a program called Beyond the Classroom, which educates students on civic engagement and social issues. Civicus is a community outreach program, while College Park Scholars is a living-learning program with changing themes. There are also communities within the campus that reach out to freshmen, global communities, and even entrepreneurial venues, such as MTECH Ventures. There are also organizations for culture and language, as well as markets and society.

There are internship programs, scholarships as well as a travel abroad option that allows students to continue learning in exotic locales, such as London, England, Sydney or Melbourne, Australia, and more countries, as far as Spain or Santiago, for Spanish-speaking students, courtesy of USAC. Honors programs at UMD for natural resources management include seminars and one-on-one time with faculty members experienced in their field. Student organizations of prominence include Graduate Association for Technology and Environmental Science and the Natural Resources Management Society.

If you have ever desired to make a difference, but were not quite sure how, then it is time for you to step up and become a leader in the field. The world needs more leaders, not followers; someone who can understand the science and take a stand, uniting others to take decisive action. Perhaps this is your true calling, and there certainly has been no better time than 2013!

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