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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Agricultural Science and Technology

University & College Info March 30, 2013

Agricultural science and technology involve many processes in the cultivation and preparation of plant life, landscaping, and livestock production. Students have the option of specializing in a subsection of the educational Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, such as resource economics, veterinarian practices and medicine, agricultural practices, and the technology side of agribusiness and cultivation.

UMCP’s Agricultural College Curriculum

The agricultural production process involves the latest technology, and students can opt to go in for an entry level B.S. degree, or pursue an additional Masters in Secondary Education Degree. As students take in this specialized knowledge, they are slowly becoming agricultural scientists, having a fundamental understanding of animals, crops, soil, economy, pest control, and engineering. They can also choose their own curriculum and develop specialized training in areas like environment, agronomic production, and other areas.

Hands-On Training from Cutting-Edge University of Maryland (UMD) Facilities

One of the best features of the UMD Agricultural Science and Technology B.S. degree is the hands-on experience students get, as they not only have internship options, but can also take a “Capstone class” to solve real world problems that arise in agricultural practice. There are also on-site labs, research centers, student clubs and a campus farm. There are also growth chambers, culture rooms, germination labs, freezers, humidity-controlled rooms, and a new greenhouse for the wide variety of agricultural lessons that comes up in training. These are the experiences students need that reaches far beyond text and tests. These training courses offer direct supervision giving the experience they need to start a successful career.

Students do have their choices open, even with an entry level bachelor’s degree from UMD, considering that they will have the skills to manage a farm, assist in environmental planning, teach theory, or help with marketing new products. Of course, the main purpose of this program is to prepare students for graduate school, helping them earn their way towards an even more impressive and intensive Master of Science (M.S.) or PhD degree.

Requirements for Students of UMD Agricultural College

There are some prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program. Students must take a minimum of 15 required credits and 12 major credits, with a total minimum of 30 credits. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree will require 120 credit hours or more, depending on the particular curriculum used. Students should also maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Students also have to see faculty advisors once per semester, and learn some important scientific principles, including algebra, core diversity, and related skills such as writing.

If you truly want to excel in your career then you don’t want to merely present a degree to an employer. You want to show him or her that you have the marketable skills to help a company or an agency succeed in agricultural business and leading the way in superior technology.

The University of Maryland College Park’s Agricultural Science and Technology program is a course that will provide you with the essentials you need to produce, get results, and present yourself as a respected scientist of nature.

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