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Careers that involve working with Domestic Animals

Career News August 1, 2016

Most of the careers that relate to working with domestic animals do not ask for detailed educational background. In fact, with basic on the job training, you could soon become a shelter worker or animal breeder. Read this article to learn more about the professions, salary details and job prospects for people who wish to join any of these professions.

Information for those interested in working with Domestic Animals

At least one in every three households in the U.S. has a domestic animal. These animals require regular check ups, rescue when mistreated, grooming from time to time as well as other healthcare related issues. From these services, there are several jobs that someone who loves dealing with domestic animals can seek employment in. Some of these professions, such as veterinary services may require thorough training while others require little on the job training.

Career Veterinarian Shelter workers Groomer of trainer Breeder
Education details doctoral degree High school diploma Training Training
Additional requirements Licensure Clean criminal records Certification N/A
Estimated job growth rate 9% 11% 11% 15%
Average salary in 2014 $88,490 $21,260 $21,260 $40,000

Career Options for Individuals who wants to work with Domestic Animals

Most careers related to taking care of domestic animals revolve around care, rescue and selling or buying of the various breeds of domestic animals found in the U.S. Jobs like veterinarians on the other hand require a lot of extensive education background as their work is a bit complicated when compared to the rest.


They assess animals for health problems, administer treatment and medication as well as perform surgeries where necessary. They also administer vaccinations and help rehabilitate animals that had been wild for long. Veterinarians are mainly found in Universities where they work as lecturers or researchers, zoos, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and in state or federal governments. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that in 2014, about 74% of veterinarians who worked in the country worked in a veterinary related environment such as veterinary services industry. Employment opportunities for these professionals were expected to rise at an average rate of 9% in the coming years. On the other hand, a veterinarian earned an average annual salary of $88,490.

Education Requirements for Veterinarians

A bachelor’s degree is the lower limit in terms of educational background for these professions. Usually, degree programs that prepare learners to be veterinarians cover topics such as animal behavior or biology. After a bachelor’s degree, veterinarians are expected to complete a four-year doctorate degree program after which they seek licensure and certification from an authorized body.

Shelter worker

They rescue animals that have been neglected or abandoned. After that, they help feed the animals by providing good care such as cleaning them from time to time. According to the BLS, a shelter worker earned an average pay of $21,260 annually, in 2014. On the other hand, jobs in this profession were expected to rise at a steady rate of 11% up to the year 2024.

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