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List of Jobs I an Pursue with a Culinary Arts Degree?

Career News July 10, 2014

A culinary arts degree can lead to several different culinary job opportunities. A common misconception is that a culinary arts degree only has one career option after the fact. Actually, that isn’t true. An education that leads to a degree in the culinary arts field can be a lucrative and creative choice for those with a passion for cooking and a desire to succeed.

There are literally dozens of career options for students who graduate with a culinary arts degree. Culinary jobs are as varied as the tastes of the individuals entering the field. The only limits there are in the culinary world are the ones imposed by the individuals upon themselves. Truly, culinary jobs are offered in such a wide variety of environments and settings that it can often be difficult to choose one over the other.

The List

If cooking is a passion and creativity is a must, then it may be time to consider a career in culinary arts. Culinary arts graduates generally work in one of two categories within their industry – inside or outside a restaurant. With that in mind, the following culinary jobs list has been compiled to show a potential culinary student what may lie ahead for those with a culinary arts degree:

•Executive Chef
•Sous Chef
•Private Chef
•Pastry Chef
•Research Chef
•Nutritional Consultant
•Cafeteria Chef
•Professional Baker
•Restaurant Manager
•Food Stylist and/or Food Writer

Technology & Niche Jobs

Of course, with the heavy involvement of technology in every corner of society, the culinary world has also been affected also. There are dozens upon dozens of customized culinary jobs available in small niche areas because of the reach of modern technology.

If none of the jobs listed above sound interesting, but cooking is still a passion, don’t lose heart. There is a culinary job for every talent. It just may take a little more time to discover.

Salaries for Culinary Jobs

Salaries for culinary jobs vary depending on experience, location, education, and more. For example, the average salary for a pastry chef is $50,000 per year while an executive chef brings home around $75,000 annually. Of course, location matters, and a chef working in New York will obviously make a lot more than a chef working in a small town within the United States.

Similarly, education and experience also play a part in salary amounts for culinary jobs. A chef without a culinary arts degree will generally make less than a chef with a culinary arts degree in a similar job. Likewise, a chef with five years experience is going to make more than an entry level chef, which is to be expected.


Choosing to pursue a culinary arts degree is a good choice for anyone wanting to land a quality culinary job. Competition is fierce in the culinary world, and any advantage that can be gained by a thorough education on technique, taste, etc.… can be the difference between landing that dream job and losing out to someone with more education or experience.

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