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Financial Retail Sales Assistant – Non-Registered Job Description

Job Descriptions November 30, 2013

Financial retail sales assistant – non-registered job description includes administrative support roles to registered representatives. Non-registered financial retails sales assistant may also serve as a liaison officer between registered representatives and their clients. Other duties include completing forms and processes necessary. The primary duties and responsibilities of non-registered retail sales assistant are as follows.

Assisting Customers

Non-registered sales assistants are commonly seen selling products in physical stores. They communicate with customers and act as the face of the organization. It is their duty to highlight the features of the products that they are selling. Basically, they introduce the products to customers by describing it, telling customers that benefits they can get, and showing to customers how to use it. Sales assistants also answer inquiries and concerns the customer may have related to the product that they offer.

Non-registered financial retail sales assistants also communicate with customers over the phone for customer service or sales related questions. They may also act as a cashier on physical stores. They operate cash registers, receive payments, and pack the things bought by their customers. In addition, sales assistants must be alert at all times to avoid product loss due shoplifting or theft.

Coordinating with Office Staff

Non-registered sales assistants will tackle coordinating duties from time to time, especially to office-based staff. During the fieldwork, they serve as the point-person to sales representatives. They are responsible for collecting reports, and consolidating them as primary materials during sales meeting presentations. They are also responsible for following-up payments for installment terms offered by the company to customers.

If the company joins exhibits and trade fairs, sales assistants operate the booth of the company and cooperate with the office staff for any inquiries and orders that cannot handle. If the organization sponsors exhibits, the financial retail sales assistant will assist and support vendors that will join the vent.

Handling Clerical Duties

Non-registered financial retail sales assistants undergo trainings for clerical duties like encoding, filing reports, and maintaining inventory. Those who have cashier responsibilities count payments, and organize payment slips. They may also go to banks and deposit the sales for the day.

It is also the duties of financial retail sales assistants to prepare quotations and proposals, organize files per customer, maintain database records, and make sales calls. They are also required to use basic office equipments such as fax machines, computers, and printers.

Financial Retail Sales Assistant-Non registered requires a bachelor’s degree with any area of specialty, and at least 2 years of experience in retail sales, or any related area. You must be familiar with the standard concepts, procedures, and practices within retail sales industry. You must have the ability to rely on limited judgment and experience to plan and accomplish the company’s goals. Furthermore, you must be able to work under the supervision, and a certain degree of latitude and creativity is an advantage.

Most of all, you must not forget all your duties and responsibilities as well as report to your manager or supervisor whenever you are required to.

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