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Hospital Administrator Career Information and Education Requirements

Job Descriptions January 22, 2013

Hospital administrators coordinate healthcare services in an environment like outpatient clinics and hospitals. Schools offer master degree programs in health services and healthcare administration. These professionals can pursue hospital administrator jobs by enrolling into additional master degree programs specialized in public health and business administration. In this article, we will look at Hospital Administrator Education Requirements.

Education Requirements for Hospital Administrator

Employers require prospective hospital administrators to hold a master degree. There are several Master of Health Services Administration or Master of Healthcare Administration programs that prospective candidates can complete to pursue a career in hospital administration. These programs are a combination of public health training and business administration and include subject areas such as epidemiology, healthcare financial theory, health organization management, financial management healthcare policy, public health administration, biostatistics and human resources management. Healthcare administration or health services programs also require students to complete an extensive internship program conducted at a local healthcare center. Experienced and practicing doctors who enroll into business training programs can choose to pursue a position in the clinical side of hospital administration. Other individuals who have sufficient experience and want to pursue a career in hospital administration could choose to enroll into a master degree program in public administration, public health and business administration.

Career Information for Hospital Administrator

Doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, drug-abuse treatment centers, community health centers and hospitals among other healthcare facilities that are managed by hospital administrators. These professionals who are also referred to as hospital managers or healthcare administrators have highly demanding jobs; as hospitals remain open 24/7, hospital administrators are often required to work long and irregular hours. Leadership and communication skills are expected of hospital administrators due to the administrative positions they occupy. Their responsibilities include overseeing of healthcare services where healthcare facilities such as hospitals run smoothly and efficiently. These professionals are also expected to supervise activities in order to ensure that appropriate medical care is given to patients.

Hospital Administrator Job Duties

Hospital administrators perform critical responsibilities by acting as the middleman for medical personnel and department heads. Within their other tasks, they evaluate employees, guide public relations efforts, develop hospital policies, hire medical staff including doctors, and budget and fundraise. While a single administrator may suffice to manage smaller healthcare facilities, several hospital administrators are required at larger hospitals to help oversee specific aspects such as nursing and medical records.

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