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Difference between an AutoCAD and CAD

Higher Education Articles October 15, 2015

A CAD, or a Computer aided program is the general word for the use of computers in designing houses, office buildings, commercial buildings or anything else that once had to be drafted down on a written paper before it could be constructed. On the other hand, an AutoCAD is a type of software that most architects use when planning and designing commercial and other professional buildings.

CAD and AutoCAD

As mentioned above, an AutoCAD is a software utilizing computer aided design rules in the planning and construction of commercial buildings, manufacturing buildings, urban infrastructure and even in fashion designing. An AutoCAD can help an architect create 2D or 3D drafts of buildings before engineers can be called in to help in the actual erection of the building. However, you don’t have to be an architect to make use of AutoCAD. For instance, A civil engineer can use the software when designing sophisticated drafts of ultra-modern superhighways or cities with more efficacy than they would have previously drafted the same buildings. In addition, engineers and architects working in manufacturing, automotive and hospitals can also make the maximum out of AutoCAD software for maximum results.

Types of CAD

There are very many types of computer aided designs that engineers and architects can draft although this highly depends on their area of specialization. Moreover, with the AutoCAD software in mind, an engineer can draft and design either 2D or 3D designs for his or her next project. There are also a number of AutoCAD versions that are used differently and for different needs depending on the type of work at hand.

Main Differences Between AutoCAD and CAD

Computer aided designs are mainly used in highly important geometric figures and in helping manipulate shapes and figures into what the architect or designer has in mind. They are usually computer programs and can allow designers from all over the world to work together by using the Internet. Thanks to computer aided designing, groups and large on site drafting is no longer necessary.

On the other hand, an AutoCAD is a software that was first created by Autodesk Inc. in 1982 with the purpose of helping programmers learn more about 2D and 3D designing. An AutoCAD, therefore, as we had earlier mentioned can be used in many different ways. Nowadays, the software is being used even in the marketing and entertainment industries to help design 3D effects.

How CAD Operates

CAD utilizes a sophisticated line of algorithms to change the appearance of normal shapes and figures into what the designer and architects have in mind. CAD for instance, can manipulate figures to form highly impressive images and can also help change bitmap images. Moreover, the software can help produce material findings and documents. Finally, if you are a professional looking forward to using CAD and AutoCAD technology, purchasing a Zwcad application can be of great advantage to you. It offers the best AutoCAD software that is capable of multitasking besides helping the architect work easily with fast compatibility and many also offer more features.

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