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Earn a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in International Business

Higher Education Articles March 17, 2014

While there are many directions you can take in your career, there are few pursuits that don’t somehow incorporate International Business. Goods and services are produced all over the world, and both our suppliers and customers come from across the board as well. With an awareness of just how global our economy has become, there are many who are pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business degree.

Your Future with a Globally Focused Business Degree

One of the up sides of a Business Administration degree is that it doesn’t box you in to choosing one specific career path. There are several directions you can move in when you study business, especially when you take a global focus that will enable you to comprehend the “big picture” and possibly put you at an advantage as future opportunities cross your path.

According to the Business of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, there are many growing fields that require strong business skills and a Bachelor’s degree that demonstrates strong business and communication skills. Here are a few that are likely to yield a good living, and are positions that are expected to have a growing demand over the next ten years. The most recent data available from BLS shows median salaries as of 2012, with ten year projections extending to 2022. Here’s just a handful of the possibilities.

•Management Analysts are sometimes referred to as management consultants, and are charged with improving the overall efficiency of a business in order to encourage higher profits. Often, this is a global effort, and analysts from different bases across the world need to work together to find common ground. These positions are not only satisfying, but pay well, averaging over $78,000 per year and the job outlook is better than most, with a 19% growth rate reported though 2022.

•Market Research Analysts have an expected job growth of 32% between 2012 and 2022, working at this career provides plenty of opportunity to put your International Business degree to work. As a research analyst, you look closely at the condition of the market in order to determine potential sales for a product or service, as well as where and with whom the products will be in demand. When it comes to sales, you’ll want to cast as wide a net as possible including the global market.

•Advertising and Promotions Managers job outlook is growing at a steady rate of 12%, which is near average, and they earn a median salary of over $88,000.

•Marketing Managers are also expected to grow at a 12% rate over the next decade, but they make a bit more money, averaging nearly $116,000 per year. Both marketing and advertising managers generate customer interest, and having international knowledge helps these managers motivate consumers from all over the globe.

•Logisticians are also seeing a rise in demand, as consumers are ordering products from all over the world, it is necessary to have talented logisticians who can keep track of products through their own supply chain cycle, including those times when products are distributed internationally. Logisticians earned nearly $73,000 on average in 2012, as the position was projected to grow by 22% through the subsequent decade.

Matching Students with International Business Degrees

In order for graduates to make their mark in the global economy, it needs to be understood that opportunities go both ways. Prospective students need to find the right educational institution that will be able to provide them with the knowledge they need to launch as successful career. But, the schools also need to know who to recruit, and how to find students who will enhance their programs.

It’s here that WeGraduate Inc. steps in and works with various higher education institutions and the students they seek. These schools may be large or small, public or private, for-profit or non-profit, or focus their curriculum online, in the classroom, or a combination of both. By placing the right students in the right degree programs, colleges and universities find that a larger percentage of their students follow through and complete their degrees, improving overall enrollment statistics and enhancing the schools reputation in the process.

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