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How to Get a Degree without Having to Quit Your Job

Higher Education Articles November 7, 2012

Believe it or not — you can actually have your cake and eat it too. If you want to get a degree without having to quit your job, the answer is online education.

Online learning allows you to learn at your convenience thanks to the flexible teaching style. It gives you a way in advancing your career from the comfort of your home. In this article, I’ll list five degree courses you can consider taking online to enhance your career outlook.


If you have a passion for social media such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, an online degree in communications will help you transform your passion into a lucrative and fulfilling career. A business communications degree can equip you with skills needed to deal with people from outside your organization, and the coursework will make you adept at handling public relation crisis as well as ad campaigns. Public relations writing, intercultural communication and media analysis and criticism are among the most sought after courses. Armed with a degree in communications, you can follow a career path in public relations.


If you have a knack for managing finances online such as paying your taxes and bills, and have great numerate skills, you should aim at doing an online degree in accounting. The coursework include business law, auditing, information systems and accounting that will help make you adept at gathering, recording, analyzing, interpreting and communicating findings in regard to an organization’s or individual’s performance and risk perception. Armed with a degree in accounting, you can pursue a career as an auditor or accountant.

Computer Science

If you have the passion for computers and wish to learn about their inner workings, you should consider earning an online bachelor degree in computer science. Apart from being a logical move considering you have a knack for technology, an online program will enable you to put your spare time into optimal use. The coursework include digital system design and artificial intelligence that will help get you adept at writing computer programs, which works effectively. Armed with a degree in computer science, you can pursue a career as a computer programmer.

Paralegal Studies

If you enjoy watching legal dramas on television, it is time to modify your passion into an online associate degree in paralegal studies. The coursework include subjects such as law office management, litigation, civil and criminal justice, and legal research that will prepare you in helping attorneys prepare for a case in court, which would include investigations, writing reports and research related cases and laws. Armed with a degree in paralegal studies, you can pursue a career as a paralegal.

Network and System Administration

If you love innovations and gadgets, you should consider doing an online degree in network and systems administration. The flexibility of an online degree will allow you to convert your passion into your profession in the comfort of your home and at a time of your choosing. The coursework include subjects such as network security, database management and hardware technologies that will give you an architect’s view of technology. Armed with a degree in network and systems administration, you can pursue a career as a network and computer systems administrator.

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