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Top Three Motivators to Get You Back to School

Higher Education Articles November 26, 2012

If you have a fantastic job that pays well where you can live comfortably and able to feed your family along with making ends meet, why should you put in the extra effort in going back to school?  These are the top three motivators that can clear out the cobwebs of uncertainty and have you start enrolling to school in no time.

Bring Home a Bigger Paycheck

The reasons why people labor all day and endure the tedious ordeal of employment are due to the compensation they are given for the day’s work. What if there is a way for you to earn more money from your current work? If you are earning enough to pay the bills, sending the kids to school, and able to purchase healthy food to put on the table, but have not earned the amount where you are able to establish an emergency fund for your family or save enough for your children’s future college tuition, then you should consider going back to school and earn a degree in the field that interest you. Once you complete your degree, you are able to move up the corporate latter and enjoy the pay increase that comes along with the career advancement. You should not get frustrated about your current compensation, but look for other alternatives to change the outcome.

Think about prior promotions that you have been passed on due to lack of education, so obtaining a degree will certainly put you on senior management radar for the next available promotions. In effect, you are opening doors to better employment opportunities that can pay more. Earning a degree will surely build a brighter future for your family along with financial security. 

Setting a Great Example

Besides earning more money with your college degree, you can use your college degree as a positive example for your children or siblings.  Those who enrolled into a degree program showed their children or siblings; they are able to accomplish anything, if they set their mind to it despite age, limited financial resources and schedule challenges, among others. If you are able to balance your time between school and work successful, you will be the face that everyone looks up to among your family and friends. Once you have earned your degree, you will instill the importance of education into your children’s mind that will encourage them to achieve the same goal by obtaining a degree of their own.

Bask in self-fulfillment

When you are slaving away at a job that barely pays to support your family, you start feeling depress or frustrated. Stop getting frustrated and bask in self-fulfillment by earning the degree you have forgone in favor of your current responsibilities. Start reclaiming what is yours and get an instant morale boost by attaining something you have previously written off as a lost cause. Boost your confidence and feel self-realized when you go back to school.

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