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Associate Degree Program in AutoCAD Drafting

Majors Overview April 9, 2013

An individual who is interested in drawing and technology should seek a career as a drafter. Drafters turn descriptions and specifications into scaled, detailed rendering use of AutoCAD drafting. In this article, we will discuss about students who have earned an associate degree in AutoCAD drafting and their career options.

Auto CAD Drafting Associate Degree Program

Students can learn about the manual production of 2-D and 3-D drawings and diagrams by completing an AutoCAD associate’s degree program. Proficiency in measurement and math skills is required of students enrolled in the program who can develop communication skills, apart from completing draft-related coursework. Schools may offer this program in various associate’s degree formats, and participants could be provided with a plethora of career options. Admission criteria typically demand that applicants hold a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, such as general educational development (GED) certificate.

Program Coursework

Associate degree program in AutoCAD drafting may provide hands-on training; so students can get a feel for what they are designing. In addition to lab studies and courses, students who want to gain real-world experience in the industry should complete an internship program. The following classes are included in the AutoCAD drafting program:

•Civil engineering technology
•Mechanical drafting
•Technical computing
•Architectural drawing
•Geometric dimensioning
•Computer-aided design

Career Options

An associate degree program in AutoCAD drafting provides students with information and technical skills needed to join the engineering, architectural, and manufacturing fields. Career options that are popular include:

•Printed-circuit designer
•CADD operator
•Mechanical designers

Information on Continuing Education

Candidates with postsecondary, formal degrees in drafting are attractive to organizations/companies because they have updated knowledge about the changing technology and advanced skills in the field. Students who are interested in career as an engineer or architect should transfer to a four-year university to complete their bachelor degree program in these subjects.

AutoCAD drafters should earn a certificate to demonstrate their knowledge of the industry standard and drafting, although certification will not be required for employment. The American Design Drafting Association award certification to applicants who pass the examination.

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