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Earn an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications

Majors Overview April 2, 2014

A degree in Visual Communications is for those who have an interest in design and problem solving. Visual Communication programs usually do not lead up to an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Business Administration, but students may find AA degree programs.

A.A. Programs in Visual Communications

Students enrolled in the Visual Communications program can develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and sense of visual composition. Students can expect to become adept in effective communication of messages within different contexts, using creativity toward design expression and showcasing of design methodologies. They may choose from available concentrations in interactive media or graphic design. Once they successfully complete the program, graduates can expect to hone their skills in interactive programming, computer applications and media design.

Admission criteria in a visual communications program typically require applicants to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma.


Coursework in a Visual Communications degree program typically includes several technology-oriented communication courses. Students are imparted rudimentary knowledge of art, in addition to hands-on experience working with computer applications. Additionally, students are required to create a portfolio before they graduate. Coursework may commonly include:

•Computer graphics
•Drawing techniques
•Drafting techniques for visual communications
•Layout and design

Career Choices

Visual communications professionals within newspapers, directory publishers, printing services, advertising services, and Web design services, can find career opportunities. Graduates may choose from career titles such as:

•Web designer
•Visual artist
•Interactive media designer

Continuing Education Choices

While possessing an associate degree in Visual Communications may suffice for graduates to seek entry-level jobs, recruiters for graphic design positions prefer those with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications or Graphic Design. Bachelor’s degree programs provide advanced skills in creative research, design principles, and computer design. Visual communications professionals need to stay abreast of technological advances in the field, such as design software and computer graphics, in order to stay competitive (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). They can accomplish this by completing additional training, either within a formal education setting or on their own.

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