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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Film Studies

University & College Info May 29, 2013

Cinema has truly transcended the “business” that was started in the late 1800s, and became a true part of American culture. The movies are now a huge part of the international economy and are influencing people on how to behave, how to think and how to live as an American in the 21st century. Behind the magic show of the big screen, there is still something known as the art of film-making. Whether you create a short student film, a big blockbuster summer feature, or an Oscar-winning musical, you still adhere to same science. The University of Maryland at College Park has a bachelor degree program in film studies that details everything you need to know about the movies we love and love to hate.

The Curriculum UMD Students Will Learn

The bachelor degree program in film studies from UMD will encompass all of what modern science and art knows about film-making. The department is handled by the College of Arts and Humanities. Students are taught multiple perspectives of film as a technological medium, a historical and cultural means of communication, as well as an economic powerhouse.

There are thirty-nine credits to this major and students are encouraged to use critical and interpretive skills to analyze the aesthetic aspects of film-making. Not only is history considered, but the role of media is explained. The internationalization of cinema is also discussed, as well as foreign to the U.S. Films and culture clash. There are four parts to this course, and they are the form of film, history and theory, criticism and then elective topics. The first two courses teach students how to analyze film and how to appreciate film innovations in history. The criticism course allows students to explore genres, themes, movements and improve their skills in writing, analysis and research.

The first two courses cover the silent era and sound era, as well as comparative studies in cinema sexuality, vision, politics, and screening time. Famous names are covered, from Hitchcock to Billy Wilder and many others, as well as filming cinema in war zones. Related topics include movies by the decade, foreign films and how they changed the world, female film makers, documentaries and animation. Elective courses can touch on a variety of subgenres, such as Native Americans in film, art in film, lesbian, gay and bisexuality, civil rights and film, photography, and theater as it relates to film.

Perks of Being a UMD Student for Film Studies

UMD students are treated to some excellent on-campus resources, such as the Non-print Media Services Library, a digital collection of over 700 films (including footage you can’t find anywhere else), Hoff Theatre events, and nearby film venues like the National Gallery of Art, AFI Silver and Avalon, which hosts film series.

There are a few organizations students can join, including The Shout “Fire!” Film Society, the Maryland Filmmaker’s Club, and Cinémathèque. Each of these clubs has events, film screenings and plenty of intellectual discussion for serious students.

Why not put your love of movies to good use by taking a degree program in this hugely important medium?

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