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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in History

University & College Info May 28, 2013

We only learn in the present by appreciating and respecting the past. By learning about history, we can avoid the mistakes we’ve made, all the while making great strides in the present. Whether you’re looking for a career in politics, or merely want to help the future generation think bigger and deeper, a degree in history is the way to begin your career.

The University of Maryland at College Park’s History Program Curriculum

The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor’s degree program in history. This program aims to broaden students’ cultural backgrounds while also preparing them for the working environments. Students graduating from UMCP will often use their history degree to obtain work in publishing, education, journalism, military, archival work or museums.

The curriculum will cover a wide variety of topics, including geographic locations and the governments that make them up. Students will also learn history according to chronological periods, including ancient history, medieval history, and modern history. Themes recurring throughout the bachelor’s degree program will include African-American history, economic history, Jewish history, history of the military and gender and culture, specifically how they relate to a historical perspective. This is an exceptionally thorough program and students will appreciate the organization and attention to detail involved in the work.

Educational and Social Opportunities at UMCP

The UMCP College also offers many options to students beyond teaching. Internships are available and do count in the 39 credit hours of required training for graduation. There is also an Honors Program, which gives opportunities to qualifying undergraduates who exhibit hard work and excellent performance. There are also student societies, including the History Undergraduate Association. This group sponsors a film festival and hosts other activities. There is also a web journal called Janus: The University of Maryland Undergraduate History Journal, which gives students some publishing experience. The Beta-Omega chapter of Phi Alpha Theta is another project to look into.

Bachelor Degree Program in History Coursework

Thirty-nine hours of history course work is required, as well as a C- grade average. Twelve hours are required for the introductory courses, while fifteen hours are required for an area of concentration. Nine more hours are given to two additional major areas, while the remainder goes to optional subjects. The school does require a GPA of 2.0 in order for graduation to commence. In addition, you will always have the option to receive mentoring and advising from trusted professors.

This is a great opportunity and one that will allow students to use their fascination with history to their fullest advantage. One of the best things about this degree is that students can follow their education by pursuing work in a number of fields, from teaching to business to journalism and other prestigious industries. Being able to quote history, state facts, and communicate them with efficiency is not merely a hobby, but a life skill. A solid knowledge of where you come from is certainly the best way to prepare for today and tomorrow.

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