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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Architecture

University & College Info May 13, 2013

Architecture is a science, an art, and a wonderful means of self-expression. Better yet, it’s not esoteric, but helps shape the society around you. If you love designing buildings and desire to earn more, work better, and enjoy your career path, then it’s time to think about the University of Maryland College Park’s bachelor degree program. The architecture program covers a four year education course on the most pivotal points in architecture.

What the UMCP Bachelor’s Degree Program in Architecture Teaches

This not includes the basics of design, as in construction, but far more detailed sciences and perspectives, particularly involving historic preservation, landscaping, city planning, real estate developing, and other cultural and social views related to building design. This course will help students learn the intellectual principles involved in this business, and may even jump start a student’s career culminating in construction, engineering, law, business, administration or as an educator.

You can finish the course and go on to a master’s degree or pursue further studies elsewhere. However, the University of Maryland College Park is well known as a broad-based school providing a liberal and detailed curriculum. Not only is the education top notch, but students can also look forward to advisors, academic opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities. Here, students will enjoy using advanced design studios, technology and visual media to help emphasize key points.

Students who are drawn to this course are not only motivated, but show themselves proficient in mathematics, science and other convergent-based courses. Many students are admitted into the program directly from high school.

Benefits on Pursuing a UMD Education

The school’s facility is nearby museums, libraries, theaters and other institutions that are unique to a world class city. There is much to take in here, in architecture, design and history. Following this course, and onward to a master’s degree will help prepare you for licensing, a prerequisite in the state and throughout other states.

Another advantage of UMD’s training course is that the school is a green-friendly company, one that puts environmentalism first. The facility is eco-friendly and designed to maximize natural settings. Students here are also highly ambitious and have created organizations such as the Green Building Council of students, to further investigate and implement sustaining living. Speaking of clubs, there are actually over 300 clubs, each dedicated to a unique case or event, not to mention fraternities and sororities where students can become part of the community. There are also organizations of interest, such as the American Institute of Architecture Students as well as the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the value of studying abroad, particularly in a subject like architecture, where design and building is meant to be experienced in person and up close. This is why the training course includes traveling options, so students can see some of the greatest architectural achievements in the world, as in Russia, Egypt, Italy, France, and many other countries.

Now is the time to seek formal education so your dreams of designing world class buildings and national landmarks can be realized!

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