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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Social Studies Education

University & College Info July 2, 2013

You may remember social studies from high school, but what you studied then was truly fundamental teachings about a highly complex subject. Social studies, as a career field and as a bachelor’s degree program at the University of Maryland at College Park involve learning more complex layers of social civics and studies, so you can teach them to younger students in some sort of educational capacity. The bachelor’s degree program at UMCP involves learning the most vital aspects of social science, including geography, government, politics and history.

Learning Social Studies at UMCP

Learning at UMCP’s facilities will prepare you for the classroom, not only the subject matter, but also instruction lessons. There will be history prerequisites, learning how to organize subject matter, how to create lesson plans, how to use textbooks, and other information vital to proper schooling. Additionally, the program emphasizes a multi-cultural approach to teaching, since there are varieties of ethnicities, religions and beliefs in the average classroom of today.

As the program progresses, more information will be dispensed, including selection, objectives of teaching, subject matter, appropriate and inappropriate methods of teaching, measurements and topics that matter in modern geography. The class finishes with consideration of standard curriculum, evaluation of materials, environmental resources, and even a lab and field experience assignment. This is an educational program intended for student teachers who will be teaching grades 7-12. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree can also include a double major in the fields of social studies and geography.

Resources for Students at UMCP

The faculty at UMCP ensures that students will have plenty of resources to help with their education. The Learning Assistance Service is an academic support group, provided by the Counseling Center. These services are free and can encourage students to develop their strengths while addressing other needs. The Dissertation Support Group helps students learn the dissertation process, and just in time, considering that most students will be asked to make one without truly understanding the scope of this assignment. Students will learn how to develop skills, how to explore concerns in post graduation and how to divide projects into a series of manageable goals.

The school also provides international assistances to students who may be coming from overseas. The International Education Services helps students obtain their visas and hold the requirements stated. The Office of Human Relations Program takes a multicultural view on training and classrooms and covers subjects like ethnic diversity, race, sexual harassment and sexuality in general.

Along with a professional-level education, students can also look forward to training in math and science using state-of-the-art centers and labs. There are also research assignments to take part in and mentorships programs.

Pursue your goal of becoming a social studies teacher! You are not merely covering dead history, but are helping to shape the minds of tomorrow into responsible people, intelligent thinkers, and citizens with a social responsibility.

The University of Maryland at College Park’s bachelor degree program in social studies education is exactly what you need to pursue a real teaching career outside of substitute teacher jobs and find long-term employment.

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