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Information Technology (IT) Recruiter Job Description

Job Descriptions December 19, 2012

Information technology (IT) recruiters work at finding, screening and hiring applicants for jobs in the information technology sector. Businesses such as staffing firms that employ IT recruiters usually call for prior work experience and formal educational qualifications.

Job Profile of IT Recruiters

Small and large firms rely on IT recruiters when they seek to hire IT professionals. Such IT professionals sought can include technical support staff, engineers, developers, analysts and system architects. IT recruiters can resort to requesting for referrals, networking or cold calling in order to find firms that are likely to employ IT recruiters.

After locating potential hiring firms, IT recruiters will work to improve the hiring process and assist in developing strategies. IT recruiters need to have in-depth knowledge of the business procedures and policies along with laws and government guidelines that are required to be satisfied before hiring applicants to jobs.

IT recruiters rely on media channels, internet data mining, community organizations, social networking and job fairs to facilitate the creation of a pool of potential job applicants. They go on to identify potential candidates by screening the applicants and interviewing them.

Ordinarily, IT recruiters are required to complete pre-employment procedures including completion of job applicant background checks, among others. The hiring company and the job applicant effectively use the IT recruiter as a communication link. Recruiters are required to keep in touch with applicants for jobs and assist them by guiding them in search for employment. As part of their job responsibilities, recruiters are expected to negotiate salaries between the hiring organization and the potential candidate.

Pre-requisites to Becoming an IT Recruiter

Firms that employ IT recruiters normally expect their prospective employees to have one to three years of prior work experience. They want them to hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent academic qualification. Such degree can pertain to information systems, human resource, communication, business or related fields of specialization, although employers do not specify any particular major.

IT recruiters are expected to have exceptional organizational, problem-solving, time management, written and verbal communication skills. They need computer skills, this includes knowledge of using email and the internet, apart from software programs such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Above all, recruiters must be able to perform effective interviews and accurate assessment of candidates.

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