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Five Degrees worth the Investment

Higher Education Articles November 14, 2012

Investing in a college degree is rewarding and you will never regret it since there is huge earnings potential difference between college and high school graduate. Besides helping you secure a good job with great earning potential, a college education makes you an expert in a specific field. This article is to inform you about the best college degrees that are worth the investment.

Finance Degree

Starting Salary: $47,500
Mid-career Salary: $91,500

Finance degree is primarily meant to help you get the required knowledge regarding financial reports as well as investment activities. Finance industry is among the most competitive and highly rewarding profession in the world. Potential career paths related to a degree in finance include: financial managers, actuaries, and personal financial advisors. An average salary for these professionals is $100,000.

Information Technology Degree

Starting Salary: $49,600
Mid-career Salary: $79,300

It is worth pursuing a degree in information and technology that is among the most competitive and well paid careers in today’s job market. Today, everything is about computers and technology. Therefore, there are great employment opportunities related to computers and information technology. Strong earning potentials are among the strong points that make information technology position at the top of the list of the best careers in the world. One great thing about IT related careers is computing that involves innovations and new developments.  Thus, making this career the most competitive and top paying. Among the possible career paths involved with Information Technology degree includes: computer security analysts, computer systems analysts, and computer information systems managers. The average salary for IT professionals is $95,000.

Accounting Degree

Starting Salary: $44,600
Mid-career Salary: $77,500

If you are good at numbers and want to use your expertise to secure a good job then consider pursuing a degree in accounting. Accounting involves handling and reviewing the increased complexity and size of the company’s information. Although accounting are among the most flooded job industry, there is still a wide range of career opportunities related to this field. Degrees in accounting can open doors for future career paths such as loan officers, accountants, auditors, and budget analysts. An average salary for accountants is $69,000.

Marketing Degree

Starting Salary: $38,600
Mid-career Salary: $77,300

A marketing degree serve perfectly for those who are good at making ordinary things sound interesting. Marketing graduates are considered the most important employees in an organization. Companies that want a competitive advantage value marketing personnel. Potential career paths related to this course includes: public relations specialists, market research analysts, and marketing managers. The average salary for marketing professionals is $75,000.

Health Care Administration Degree

Starting Salary: $37,700
Mid-career Salary: $60,800

Pursuing a college degree in health care administration will help you obtain a stable career that is well paid. Potential career paths in this field includes: social and community service managers, insurance underwriter, and medical and health services managers. An average salary for a health care administrator is $65,000.

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