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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Web Development

Majors Overview September 5, 2014

Web developers produce online content that may increase an organization’s or individual’s information accessibility, interactivity, and visibility. Students in Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs in Web Development will be taught how to use programming languages to create engaging applications and Web pages.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in Web Development

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in Web Development will gain a firm grasp of the techniques and tools used in the creation and improvement of Web content. Coursework begins with an introduction to HTML, among other Web-based programming languages, in addition to an overview of computer science principles.
Apart from learning about the technical aspects of Web development, students delve into the investigation and incorporation of graphic design elements aimed at presenting both visually compelling and usable content.
They learn about the creation of interactive digital environments and animations, in addition to ways of ensuring the logical placement of information within a web page to ensure cohesiveness. Aiming to achieve the best results across multiple platforms, students observe the ways in which different mobile devices and browsers affect the usability, speed, and appearance of Web applications.

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or a high school diploma, in addition to adhering to the schools’ different academic admissions standards.


Students enrolled in the program can expect to become adept at using computer applications aimed at creating, testing, tweaking, and experimenting with content for the Web. Before they complete the program, students can complete field experience or a Web development capstone project. Core coursework may include topic areas such as:

•Web page design
•Network architecture
•Graphic design
•Web animation

Career Choices

Once they complete the program, students are equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue careers that require creating Web content for numerous organizations or on their own. They may pursue job titles such as:

•Digital content consultant
•Web developer

Job and Wage Outlook

A 22% job growth rate has been predicted for Web developers (categorized with information security analysts and network architects) over the 2010 – 2020 decade (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). The growth is expected to be driven by a greater reliance on ecommerce. In May 2012, most Web developers took home an average annual wage of $62,500, with the minimum and maximum median wages being $33,550 and $105,200 respectively.

Continuing Education Choices

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree program may seek continued education by pursuing certificate programs or master’s degree programs. Master’s degree programs that emphasize general business principles are devised to equip students with an overall knowledge base in Web development while also helping them understand a client’s perspectives and needs.

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