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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences: Laboratory Animal Care

University & College Info May 22, 2013

How much do you truly know about animals? If you have a natural interest in studying animal life and analyzing ways to improve life, animal habitat, and humanity, then it’s about time you put this potential towards a career. The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland College Park offers a bachelor’s degree program in the subject of animal sciences. This course specifically involves lab work and lab care of animals.

What You Learn from the Maryland College Park Course Animal Sciences Program

In this course, you will learn more about animal life from a biological and technological point of view. You will learn about domestic animals, farm animals, and animal life from the sea. The course is preparation for veterinary school, though some students do eventually go on to graduate school. You can study all aspects of biology, from nutrition to body movements and science, to even genetic theory. You also cover an economic point of view.

The fundamentals of education will be in animal management and care in the laboratory. This will involve learning about nutritional requirements of various animal life forms, environment, the reproduction process and other sciences. As you learn more and eventually graduate, you may find yourself attracted to the biotechnology industry as well as the operation of labs and research facilities. You will likely find a job as a manager, and perhaps even go as high as a state or federal government agency. All sorts of job offers await students who prove they have a working knowledge of laboratory animal production.

University of Maryland College Park Studies and Facilities

Courses in the program include health management, the physiology of the reproduction of mammals, welfare standards and how they differ according to species, organic practices, embryology, lactation, endocrinology and even recombinant DNA studies. You will also be taught critical thinking and livestock management.

The University of Maryland College Park has a new and improved facility that accommodates many students and groups. There are new labs, animal rooms, surgery rooms, and even a farm. While pursuing your bachelor’s degree, you can also choose elective subjects like vet science, advanced vet biology, equine studies, or technology. Usually students that specialize in a course like animal care and management will go on to marketing, production and similar fields.

UMD Internships and Societies

You will also have the pleasure of working on a live, local farm on an internship and will learn firsthand about breeding, feeding, lactation, herd management and other issues of interest to this field. You can also conduct independent research, and the school encourages this, using all the resources of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, which is accessible near the premises. Internship locations can vary, from a zoo to a farm to a leading firm.

There are also student societies to join, including Alpha Zeta, the Sigma Alpha and the Animal Husbandry Club. Last but not least, there’s the exciting University of Maryland Equestrian Club with horseback riding activities. This is a great opportunity for students who have a love for science and a fascination with life’s everyday miracles.

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