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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering

University & College Info June 11, 2013

Innovative minds, particularly in the field of engineering, are oftentimes respected, highly regarded and kept alive through history. We still remember the innovations of Alexander Graham Bell and Nikola Tesla, and numerous other innovators that helped define the future, and influence a worldwide generation. Technology has not slowed, but it certainly has expanded. And today, there is more opportunity to explore your creative and mechanical skills through academic programs. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in mechanical engineering that involves design, manufacturing, and the creation of new devices.

Subjects Learned at the UMD College

Most subjects will be discussed, and the program looks at all types of systems, from engines to turbines to wind farms. In essence, the program is about how to mechanically turn brilliant ideas (which almost everyone has) into a physical, functioning reality. Graduates will learn not only about engineering, but about the marketplace.

This UMD Bachelor of Science Degree in mechanical engineering is an accredited program (approved by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET) and one that will foster growth, helping students learn the value of teamwork, while also developing leadership abilities. Professionalism and ethics are also discussed, not to mention the ability to analyze and interpret data independently. This will be useful for workers who find jobs with major corporations or as consultants. They will need to problem solve, work on multi-disciplinary teams, conduct safe experiments and communicate ideas effectively.

Among other subjects; calculus, chemistry, physics and mechanics will be discussed during the freshmen year, as well as a course on writing. Dynamics and thermodynamics are discussed during the sophomore year as well as computer aided design. In the junior year, fluid mechanics, transfer processes, vibration, product engineering and materials engineering will be discussed in detail. Finally, senior year ends with vibration product development and technical elective subjects. Elective subjects can be quite varied and will depend on what area you hope to specialize in. For example, there are bio-inspired robotics, air pollution technology, electronic packaging, automotive design, medical robotics and micro-electro-mechanical systems.

Research Programs and Other UMD Opportunities for Promising Students

Besides the in-depth courses, students can also look forward to research projects and fellowships, in which they can consult and work with experienced faculty members. There are contests to participate in, such as the Formula SAE/Baja SAE or Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, as well as The Bang program. Notable organizations at the school include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, and the Mechanical Contractors Association. The Office of Student Financial Aid will work with certain students on scholarship options, though they have qualifying criteria based on performance and financial need.

All in all, this is a program about technology, and will send you places that will fascinate you. A great deal of the American public is unaware of just how far Technology has come. Why keep guessing? Be on the forefront of mechanical engineering by taking UMD’s bachelor degree program.

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