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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences: Equine Studies

University & College Info March 31, 2013

Animal sciences is such a rewarding career field, considering not only the value of the work and the pay, but also the fact that workers are on the edge of technology—environmentally friendly technology. You too can be a part of this industry by learning about animal sciences from an accredited and trusted university. Equine care and management is a growing field, given the love of horses as pets, not to mention their commercial potential as livestock. The University of Maryland College Park offers a course in Animal Sciences with a specialization course in equine studies.

Animal Sciences and Equine Curriculum

There is much to learn about horse care, particularly in the production and management areas. The course offers hands-on training on equine care, not only in managing herds, but also in understanding the biology of these magnificent animals. The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland will teach new students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, all the necessary elements to continue a greater education or seek a job in a related field.

Courses will center on equine anatomy, nutrition and diet, exercise, proper facilities and managing the reproductive process. There is also the need to consider equine laws and facility standards, not to mention the necessity of insurance. Horses are animals that require large pastures, so pasture management must also be understood, as to raising healthy specimens. Other disciplines include managing livestock, farm management practices, organics and biochemistry, and even experimental sciences in embryology and DNA. The University of Maryland (UMD) course has been developed as a leadership training program, culminating in a master’s degree or doctorate in an appropriate science. Students will go on to become leaders in the industry, not merely workers.

Scholarships and Financial Help for UMCP Students

UMCP is one of the friendliest institutions for financial aid for students who need a break. The American Society of Animal Sciences Scholastic Recognition and Department of Animal Sciences Scholastic Achievement Awards can help students with a variety of programs, including the Kinghorne Fund Fellowship, the Lillian Hildebrandt Rummel Scholarship, and the Owen P. Thomas Development Scholarship.

Equestrian Clubs at UMCP

The UMCP does not offer training with horses—it truly delivers the whole experience, partly through equestrian clubs. The University of Maryland Equestrian Club, for example, offers horseback riding lessons for campus students. All supplies and equipment is provided through a riding fee of $200 per semester (for once a week). Students also receive benefits for helping with equine cleaning. Another option is The Equestrian Team Club, which travels to a number of schools for competition. Anyone can join, despite the friendly competition taking place, as there are no particular qualifications. The facility is less than a half hour away, making it a comfortable stroll from campus.

This is a great opportunity for a student-hopeful who loves working with horses and want to convert that enthusiasm into education. With this accolade behind you, you can become a leader for equine health and habitat, while also securing a comfortable career in a field you love.

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