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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Physics

University & College Info June 26, 2013

Physics is not merely an aspect of science, but the entire basis for our discovery of the future. Physicists are the ones making innovations; they analyze how things are, and how they could be improved for the betterment of society and the individual. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a program called the “Bachelor Degree Program in Physics,” which boasts excellent faculty, small class rooms and plenty of perks to go along with the education.

What is Covered in the UMD Physics Program?

The UMD physics program covers broad subjects such as mechanics, lab, fields, and waves, but also goes further into detail with studies on heat, electricity, magnetism and calculus. Algebra and theoretical methods will also be discussed along with experimental physics, using emerging technology like EM waves, optics and others. Meteorology is also a concern, as is chemistry and engineering. Specialty subjects might include meteorology, air pollution and thermodynamics.

As the program delves deeper, students will learn the education side of physics, including cognitive and motivational perspectives, teaching, and social perspectives along with public policies. Students must average a C- grade or higher to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. As students graduate, they may find themselves working in exciting careers, including engineering, software creation, law, corporate business and other high-profile jobs.

Resources and Options at UMD

This bachelor degree program in physics provides plenty of growth opportunities for ambitious students. You will get to participate in research assignments within the classroom and outside and perhaps even go on to world-class research projects. Upon program completion, you will have knowledge in physics, mechanics, electricity, magnetism and other complex studies, making you an invaluable asset to companies that need a scientific mind. In addition, you will be able to analyze, and problem solve quantitative results in your discipline.

Other options available to students include advising, which lets you work with experienced faculty for career and study direction, and an Honors Program that rewards you with a citation, provided you meet certain GPA standards. A senior thesis is also required, along with presentation and a defense.

You can receive some help fitting in with the academic crowd courtesy of organizations like the Society of Physics Students (SPS). There are scholarships available for promising students through the Office of Student Financial Aid. Specific programs that may be of help to you are the Angelo Bardasis Memorial Scholarship and the Professor William M. MacDonald Physics Scholarship. There is even an awards program for recognition called the Jerry B. Marion Award.

Physics is one of the best careers you can choose, as it will help you stay on top of emerging technologies, but always from a business perspective. Why settle for a regular job when you can target a career? With just a little bit of training, you can secure an entry level job at an organization, or pursue greater studies and move onto greater heights. It all starts with qualifying for a UMD bachelor’s degree program—the rest is going to be an exciting experience!

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